May 26, 2019
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Distributed Application Communication Using WCF

Learn how to define, implement, configure and host a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service and then consume the service in a client.

Building in the Cloud with Azure Storage and the Azure SDK

Learn how to use Windows Azure, Azure Storage and the Azure SDK to quickly and efficiently build cloud applications

Setting Up Azure and Deploying Your First Application

Learn how to use Windows Azure to setup and deploy your first application hosted in the "cloud."

Microsoft Charts Overview

Learn how to use the Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 by reviewing the most commonly used and required charting properties.

Handling Data Conflicts in the Microsoft Sync Framework

Synchronization of data between local clients and a central server are inseparable from data conflicts that occur when data is changed simultaneously on multiple systems. In this tutorial we'll learn how to handle these data conflicts using the Microsoft Sync Framework.

My First Microsoft Sync Framework Application

Create an application with a local data cache that can be synced to a server database using the Microsoft Sync Framework and Visual Studio 2008.

Configuring a ClickOnce Deployment

Learn about the different options available to you for deploying your Windows desktop applications with Microsoft's ClickOnce technology.

Making a Pre-Vista Application Vista Compliant

Explore the common pitfalls of Vista development, some quick workarounds, and best practices. Learn about the UAC, Virtualization, impact on pre-installed .NET Frameworks, common program compatibility issues, and guidelines for UI/UX design.

An Introduction to Vista's Integrated Search Capabilities

Windows Vista adds brand new search capabilities directly from the OS itself. By using OLE DB and SQL, you now can add this functionality to your own applications.

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