June 17, 2019
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Mark Watson is a consultant living in the mountains of Central Arizona with his wife Carol and a very feisty Meyers Parrot. He specializes in web applications, text mining, and artificial intelligence development. He is the author of 16 books and writes both a technology blog and an artificial intelligence blog (see www.markwatson.com).

Rails 3: First Impressions from a Veteran Ruby on Rails Guy

Get a quick overview of the new features in Rails 3 from an experienced Ruby on Rails developer who just took the plunge.

Google App Engine vs. Amazon Web Services: The Developer Challenges

Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are both very good platforms for writing and deploying scalable applications in the cloud, but they present different sets of challenges for developers.

Amazon Web Services: A Developer Primer

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers get both scalable services that they can use to architect their applications and the flexibility to run any software on Amazon's compute cloud.

Google App Engine: What Is It Good For?

Google App Engine offers Java and Python developers automatic scaling and potential cost savings -- if they properly design the applications to run on it.

A Rails Cloud Implementation Using CouchDB and Heroku

CouchDB is a schema-less data store built on top of HTTP and REST. Learn how to use it on the backend of a Heroku-deployed Rails app.

A Rails Cloud Implementation Using MongoDB and Heroku

Learn how to use the non-relational MongoDB datastore as the backend for your Heroku-deployed Rails application. More importantly, learn why you would choose it over the likes of PostgreSQL.

Take Rails to the Cloud: Deploying a Rails Application to Heroku

Learn how to use the Heroku cloud computing platform by following the development and deployment of a simple database-backed Rails application.

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