May 24, 2019
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Statistical and Financial Considerations in Website Optimization

Have you tried several different methods to drive traffic to your sites with limited or no success? Well today Marcia Gulesian is to show us this emerging approach that uses statistics and user input to help you achieve your goal.

Using Neural Networks and OLAP Tools to Make Business Decisions

Enterprise data is the lifeblood of a corporation, but it's useless if it's left to languish in data silos. Data warehousing and mining provide the tools to bring data out of the silos and put it to use.

Six Sigma, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Kaizen for Outsourcing

In the quest to maximize quality and minimize cost in a process or design, it's vital to consider as many scenarios as possible. A statistical model can help you analyze and improve the effect of the inherent variability in your manufacturing, IT, financial, or other business operation.

Capacity and Disaster Recovery Planning for an Internet Connection that Can Become Unsatisfactory

Writing great code for connecting a front-end application to a remote web server resource is one thing. But, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience for the users of this connection is another.

Adobe's Emerging Rich Media Ecosystem, Part 3: Marketing, Service Level Agreements, and Security

You need both technical expertise and business savvy to create and maintain a successful streaming media site.

Adobe's Emerging Rich Media Ecosystem, Part 2: Developing Live and Video on Demand Streaming Media Applications

Create applications that stream video and audio to an unlimited number of clients across platforms and browsers and to any and all devices, whether they be wire line, wireless, mobile, TV, PC, or other digital devices.

Adobe's Emerging Rich Media Ecosystem, Part 1: Developing Social Media Applications

Discover a rich media ecosystem wherein connected participants can form communities of individuals that interact with each other for a variety of purposes.

Building Desktop Applications For The Web With Adobe Integrated Runtime

People are building desktop applications for the web that are unlike any web-based application anyone has ever seen before. Adobe is leading this movement with a cross-operating system runtime that enables you to create rich applications that can run either online or offline, when appropriate or necessary.

From Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 to Management 2.0

Social networking, along with new buzz words such as SLATES and AJAX, are now drawing the attention of general managers because their rank and file are bringing these new ways of collaborating into the enterprise.

Speech Authentication Strategies, Risk Mitigation, and Business Metrics

Compare the economic and technical differences among voice authenticated applications and those using traditional or other biometric methods of authentication.

Aligning IT with Business Strategy

A successful project portfolio management system is not just about using the latest methodologies and tools. It's also about getting all the participants involved and on board from the very beginning.

Capital Budgeting: Rational Outsourcing Decision in VoIP Projects

Learn how to use the decision-tree analysis (with real options) to facilitate the buy or make decision of a proposed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) project.

Secure Mobile Web Service Applications: The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution

See how the conflation of mobile technology and Web services in an increasingly security-conscious world is supported by some very good software and hardware.

Capital Budgeting: IT Project Portfolio Optimization Redux

Examine decision-making methods for the selection or rejection of individual projects throughout the project portfolio management process. These methods determine whether or not a given project (either proposed or in process) should be included in your next capital budget.

Capital Budgeting: Managing Efficient IT Project Portfolios

See how collaboration among IT, Accounting, and Finance personnel is an important part of the project portfolio management process because issues usually understood best by Information Technology (IT) can influence the bottom line of accounting, financial, and tax reports prepared by other departments.

Project Management Issues to Consider

Security, statistics, and people can contribute to a project's success or failure, depending on how well these issues are understood and used. Project managers and system administrators need to consider them before, during, and after the life of a project.

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