June 25, 2019
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Tutorials: Discover UML

Are you new to UML or need a refresher course? These tutorials will quickly get you up and running.

Q&A: The State of Java with Jamie Thomas of IBM

Catch IBM's take on the state of Java with Jamie Thomas, VP Development for WebSphere Application Server.

Using Design Patterns in UML

Leverage the usefulness of well-known patterns to make application designing a lot easier.

Deployment Diagram in UML

Implement the deployment diagram to see the big picture.

Component Diagrams in UML

Component diagrams represent the implementation perspective of a system. Hence, components in a Component diagram reflect grouping of the different design elements of a system, for example, classes of the system.

Collaboration Diagram in UML

Add dynamic interaction of objects within your system. With Collaboration diagrams you not only display objects and their association with other objects in the system but now you can also show how they interact with each other.

Sequence Diagram in UML

Discover the ins-and-outs of the most widely used dynamic diagram in UML, the Sequence Diagram. Using this diagram you can easily represent the interaction among the different objects within your system.

Activity Diagram in UML

By the end of this article, you will know what an Activity diagram is, what its elements are, and you will be able to create Activity diagrams for your system.

State Diagram in UML

Discover how you can depict the dynamic behavior of the entire system, or a sub-system, or even a single object in a system.

Object Diagrams in UML

Gain a logical view of the system with the object diagram. This is especially helpful to difine smaller portions of your system, when your system class diagram is very complex, and also sometimes recursive.

The UML Class Diagram in Action: Part II

See a practical example of what class diagrams are, and how to create them.

The UML Class Diagram: Part 1

Continuing our UML series, we will see what class diagrams are, what the elements of a class diagram are, what each of these elements signify, and how to identify them.

Creating UML Use Case Diagrams

Learn the basics of UML use case diagrams and try your hand at drawing one. Additionally, see what a UML use case specification is.

UML Tools

Who wants to work with pen and paper when there are cool tools available? This second article in the UML series will introduce you to key products and features.

Introduction to Web Services Part 3: Understanding XML

In order to effectively develop and use web services you need a strong understanding of XML. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200 until you understand this concept.

UML Overview

We start a tutorial series on UML with an overview. What is UML and how is it used?

Introduction to Web Services Part 2: Architecture

Part 2 of our tutorial on Web Services discusses the topic of architecture.

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