May 19, 2019
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Seven Ways to Refactor Java switch Statements

Learn more about switch statements, and also about some alternatives that eliminate or hide them entirely.

Using Microservices via RestExpress

Learn to develop an application based on RestExpress. You will upload Java sources to obtain the compilation results.

What Is Hazelcast?

Read through a brief introduction into the Hazelcast world.

What Is Maven?

Study the aspects of Maven, Apache's new software that provides comprehensive software project management.

What Is Jenkins?

Leap into Jenkins, an open source project written in Java and dedicated to sustaining continuous integration practices.

Introduction to the New MVC 1.0 (Ozark RI)

Master MVC 1.0, a different standardized Java EE approach for building Web applications on the Java EE platform.

Writing My First AngularJS 2 App

Learn how to create an AngularJS 2 application from scratch.

What Is PrimeFaces?

If you haven't started using PrimeFaces in your JSF production code, you need to look at this.

Integrate ObjectDB into Your JPA-based Java Web App

Learn how to integrate ObjectDB into a Java Web application built with NetBeans.

Java 7 Feature: Asserting Non-Null Objects

Java 7 introduces the ability to assert non-null objects. Find out which methods enable this feature and how to use them.

Java Tip: Use EL Names to Access a Bean from Non-Java Code

If you use non-Java code that supports unified expression language, you can use it to make any CDI bean accessible to JSP or JSF.

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