October 17, 2017
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Where's Jini?

Three years ago, Jini was touted as the sure path to ubiquitous computing. Naturally, a lot of things have stalled during this tumultuous time, but it seems reasonable to expect that Jini is, at least, coming into its own, right?

Editorial: Pundit right? Java to die?

A well-known columnist writes that C# will be the death of Java and that those responsible will be the people at Sun Microsystems, Java's parents. Do his claims stand up to scrutiny?

Will J# Fall Flat?

Microsoft jumps back into the Java world with Microsoft J# .NET. Will it stay or must it go?

Editorial: Will J# Fall Flat?

An independent analysis of Microsoft's new software authoring tool says that Redmond may have hit a false note in its attempt to lure Java developers to the .NET model.

Editorial: The Great Java-WinXP Question

The recent revelation that Microsoft will end its practice of pre-loading Java technology into its new operating systems and browsers has left developers scratching their heads. Does this mean the end is near for this network programming platform?

From the Archives: Sun Meets Microsoft in Court Over Java

This item from the past may be instructive regarding the recent move by Microsoft to cut Java from Windows XP in response to a recent lawsuit settlement with Sun.

A Java Community Center Works Out

The award-winning iSavvix Java Community is proving that software developers have minds of their own, despite what business analysts think.

Take Me Out to The Ballgame?

Just as the pitchers, batters, and fielders are exactly what baseball is; just so are developers what software is.

Getting with the Program

The Agile Software Development Manifesto: "We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it."

The Wonderful World of UML

The recent UML World show in New York City provided an opportunity to take a glance around at the evolving terrain of the Unified Modeling Language.

JavaOne 4.4: These are a few of our favorite products

Day Four: These are a few of our favorite products

JavaOne 4.3: Scott keeps it simple

Day Three: Scott keeps it simple

JavaOne 4.2: Mr. Joy's wired on the future

Day Two: Mr. Joy's wired on the future

JavaOne 4.1: Sun execs claim hot year, more steam on way

Day One: Sun execs claim hot year, more steam on way

A Jini voyager: an interview with David Norris of ObjectSpace

The co-founder and chief of ObjectSpace shares his views on Sun's new network-services technology and on his firm's plans to chart its own distributed-computing course.

A Jini pioneer: an interview with Freeman Jackson

One Java developer isn't waiting for the promise of Jini-enabled devices to become a reality, he's forging ahead with Jini as an enterprise solution.

First wishes made of Jini

Early adopters of Jini technology are asking it to grant them some serious wishes, but not exactly in the realm of what you might have expected.

Jini released from its magic lamp

It's official: Jini 1.0 is out and ready to grant developers their wishes for "spontaneous" network computing. Read all about it!

A Java 2 taste test

Early reaction is in on the big upgrade. Here's what some experts are saying about the pro's and con's of moving to Java 2.

Dev community ready for "community source"?

Sun's new participation and licensing model for Java has drawn strong reactions from leaders in the software community worldwide. Find out what they had to say in this exclusive report.

Grady Booch: A man of methods

In writing about those such as Grady Booch, it is tempting to follow the advice of the reporter in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance": "When the legend becomes a fact, print the legend."

Grady Booch: A man of methods

Booch is an icon in the field of software development. In this exclusive article, we look at his life and work -- in areas ranging from the Unified Modeling Language to Java.

Getting down to business: an interview with Java's Dr. Lew Tucker

The Sun Microsystems spokesperson says Java is ready for combat in the highly competitive enterprise battlefield.

The Java Media Framework: Rolling...

The new Java Media Framework (JMF) 1.1 lets developers use a number of popular media types in Java apps for running synchronized multimedia on any Java-compliant browser, obsoleting the need for special plug-ins.

Not just dreaming of Jini

ObjectSpace is stirring things up with news that Jini support in its Java development platform is on the way. But the cutting-edge firm has other breakthroughs in place in its software today.

Not just dreaming of Jini

Well-known for its Java Generic Library (JGL), ObjectSpace recently brewed some new buzz with its commitment to support Jini in its Voyager development platform.

John Gage: Sun's voice to the outside world

John Gage orchestrates one of the most advanced computer research groups in the world. As Sun's chief scientist, Gage represents the company in dialog with governments and institutions at the highest levels. But he has never lost sight of the goal of scientific progress, to improve all of our lives.

John Gage: Sun's voice to the outside world

John Gage has gone from a leader of the anti-war movement in the Sixties to the leader of a worldwide movement to provide Internet access to schools in the Nineties -- in between, he's found the time to represent the scientific efforts of Sun Microsystems to everyone.

New application server sets business-logic standards

Vision Software's new JADE 4.0 Web application server may be in a class all its own.

Microsoft Architect Speaks Out on WFCs for Java

The Windows Foundation Classes are an application framework for Windows based on Microsoft Corp.'s J/Direct application programming interface technology. Their architect, Anders Hejlsberg, explains what developers can expect from them.

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