May 25, 2019
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How to Build Mobile Apps with Android Sensors

Android sensors are a great way to make Android developed applications smart.

Bring Location Services into Your Android App Development

Enable your Android app to tap into Android location services, pinpoint a user's location and then do something useful with it.

The Linux Graphics Stack from X to Wayland

Mozilla Officially Launches Firefox 4

Mozilla has officially released Firefox 4 with a streamlined UI, new features, and a boost in speed.

Google Releases Bitcoin Java Client

BitcoinJ is a Java client for Bitcoin, an Internet currency P2P architecture for processing transactions without a central bank or payment system.

Firefox 4 Is the Fastest Browser

According to Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier, Mozilla's Firefox 4 Web browser is the now the fastest browser when compared with Chrome 10 and Opera 11.

Gnash 0.8.9 GNU Flash Player Is Here

It's been seven months since the last update to gnash, but 0.8.9 has arrived.

Wine Integrates Firefox 4 Engine

Wine has switched to the latest Mozilla Geck Firefox 4 engine.

Can Open Source Survive in a Post-PC World?

The battle for the PC ended like most tech battles, the technology became obsolete. So now that we're entering the age of the handheld, can open source cut it?

Couchbase Debuts Open Source NoSQL Database

CouchOne and Membase release the first verion of Couchbase open source NoSQL server.

Free Telephony for the Free World by GNU

GNU wants to build a free and open source telephone system using the Internet. It would work somewhat like Skype, but distributed, decentralized and free.

Kitware Awarded NASA Contract to Build Open Source Scientific Visualization Software

Open source Kitware is going to begin working on Phase I of this project to allow for real-time investigation of big data.

Microsoft Sort of Welcomes WebM Support for IE9

Microsoft likes H.264, but they've decided that Windows users could one day be able to watch videos using the WebM format.

Oracle to Shutter Sun.com Domain on June 1

On June 1, Oracle says that will pull the plug on sun.com forever.

FFmpeg Forked

It's called libav. It's a fork of FFmpeg.

Internet2 Cranks It Up to 8.8Tbps

Internet2 group says they're going to roll out a new national backbone network delivering up to 8.8 terabits per second bandwidth.

Google's Security Tool Infected with Trojan

For now, it appears the trojan is only affecting on particular Chinese mobile network.

Mozilla Pushes Out Firefox 4 Release Candidate

Mozilla says they have fixed more 8,000 bugs in Firefox.

The Linux Foundation Yanks Java from Linux Standard Base 4.1

Java used to be included in LSB, but now the Linux Foundation has said licensing changes have made it impossible to include Java as a language.

13 Lines of Code Boosts Intel Sandy Bridge Performance

Intel's Zou Nan hai committed 13 lines of code to the Mesa Git mainline and that commit dramatically boosted Sandy Bridge Linux performance.

AMD Announces Open Source Physics Plugin for Autodesk

The AMD Bullet Physics for AutoDesk Maya 2011 is designed to enable game developers and 3D artists to access Maya's creative workflow.

Apache Chemistry Graduates to Top-Level Project

Apache Chemistry is an implementation OASIS CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services).

BitNami Adds Support for Open Source Apps Running on Amazon's Cloud

BitNami is offering free PHP and Ruby on Rails-based BitNami applications as CloudFormation templates.

Canonical Officially Joins the Document Foundation

To show how committed Canonical is to LibreOffice, the company has a dedicated employee working on it.

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Seeking Speakers

People interested presenting at the 2011 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference have until April 15 to apply.

Free Software Foundation Anoints New Executive Director

The new executive director John Sullivan said he's looking forward to working closely with FSF president Richard Stallman.

Full SDK for Android 3.0 Available Now

Along with the Honeycomb API, Google released updates for SDK Tools and the Eclipse plugin.

Google Updates Android Market Security

After several malicious applications were published via Google's Android Market, Google has said they have plugged the security hole, pulled the apps from the market and devices, and they called the cops.

KDE to Continue Using Qt

Despite Nokia's move to partner with Microsoft, KDE is not abandoning Qt.

Mentor Graphics Embraces Accellera's Universal Verification Methodology

'Mentor recognized early that only an open source verification methodology would provide users the ability to write fully portable and reusable verification components,' Mentor Graphics general manager John Lenyo said.

Mozilla Debuts 'Open' App Store

Mozilla's Web application store is still in its infancy, but the organization is hoping it can carve out a spot for itself in the app store arena.

Open Source DIY Gameduino Gaming Platform on Arduino

It's a lo-fi gaming platform, but the games actually look good. The project creator setup a Kickstarter project to raise money. His goal was to raise $3,333, so far more than $22,000 has been pledged.

Open Source Hackable MeeBlip Synthesizer

In just a few months, the number of MeeBlip aficionados keeps expanding.

Red Hat Obfuscates Kernel Source

In an apparent attempt to trip up Oracle, Red Hat is now obfuscating its kernel source code and patches for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Remembering Trumpet Winsock

Peter Tattam's Trumpet Winsock was a widely distributed application, but he didn't make much money from it. Now is your chance to give something back to the man who made connecting to the Internet with Windows 3.1 possible.

Splashtop Linux Is a Chrome OS Browser-based Alternative

Splashtop Linux has been around for a while as an OEM-installed OS, but now it's downloadable.

UK Government Wants More Open Source

The UK government says it's serious about open source.

WebM Project Releases New VP8 Codec SDK

The second named release of the VP8 Codec SDK (libvpx) is now available, focused on performance and quality.

Why Nokia Failed with Open Source

After years of development, Nokia walks away from open source to the welcoming arms of Microsoft for Windows Phone 7.

Google Chrome Developer Tools Updated with Network Panel

Aspects of your web page are now inspected in the Network panel. This gives you access to even more information at a single glance.

Kitware Expands with New Employees

Before the end of 2011, Kitware plans to add 15-20 new workers.

Max Ogden Discusses CouchDB, Open Data and Couchappspora

Max Ogden says he wants users to have an option to be totally private and 'off the grid.'

The Document Foundation Raises 50,000 Euros

The donations came from 2,000 donors in a little over a week to fund creating a legal entity for The Document Foundation in Germany.

X.org Releases X Server 1.10.0

The latest stable version of X Server includes many bug fixes and one regression since RC3.

Google Says Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb to Be Merged

The differences between Gingerbread and Honeycomb are not grand. The name for the new Android was not announced, but rumors suggest "Ice cream."

JSHint Forks Opinionated JSLint

Developers fork JSLint and create JSHint, claiming author of JSLint is too "opinionated."

Mozilla Labs Updates F1

Mozills Labs updates the F1 file sharing Firefox extension UI.

Oracle's Costly Open Source Missteps

Oracle customers are choosing GlassFish over WebLogic and programmers are picking Jenkins over Hudson.

Veterans Affairs and Open Source Medical Information Technology

How and if the Veterans Affairs implements its open source medical information technology could have widespread impact on the entire health care system.

Android Builders Summit 2011

The Android Builders Summit provides an intimate forum for collaboration at the systems level and discussion of core issues and opportunities when designing Android devices.

Facebook Gives Open Source Project $50,000

The project is called Supercell and it will provide testing free of charge to other open source projects.

Intel Moving Forward With MeeGo Without Nokia

At a press conference, Intel vice president Renee James said, "Meego is more of a vibrant community project that is going to go forward."

LiMo Foundation Launches LiMo 4

"LiMo 4 represents a timely milestone in the advancement of a uniquely open and independent device platform that is completely free of inherent brand and business model conflicts," Morgan Gillis, Executive Director of LiMo Foundation said.

MPEG LA Seeks Patents for WebM/VP8

The move by MPEG LA is the first step in possibly creating a patent pool for WebM/VP8.

Why Open Source Arduino Won

The Arduino IDE and driver work on Mac, Linux and Windows, and tons of object-oriented libraries are available for Arduino to make complex tasks easy.

Canonical Releases Comprehensive Linux Component Catalog

The catalog includes more than 1,300 certified components from 161 manufacturers--making it the largest list of Linux-compatible components available.

GUI Toolkit GTK+ 3 Is Now Available

This major update to GTK+ offers many improvements, including Cairo drawing throughout and modern input device handling.

Open Source Blamed for Nasdaq Hack

Journalist charges Aite Group with spreading FUD by blaming open source software for Nasdaq's SQL injection hack.

Java Security Hole Left Unplugged for 2 Years

By manipulating a JFileChooser object using a Timer and ActionListeners, a hacker can not only view a user's file system, but she can create folders, move and rename files, or pretty much whatever she wants via an Applet.

NoSQL Companies CouchOne and Membase Merge

CouchOne is the first-ever comprehensive NoSQL solution provider by merging CouchDB with Memcached.

Nuxeo Wants to Give Eclipse Content Repository Technology

If approved, the "Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository" project will build on the initial contribution to deliver modular, versatile and full-featured content repository technology for Eclipse developers.

Survey Says Companies Embracing Open Source for Competitive Advantage

Companies said that gaining a competitive advantage is "significant reason" for choosing open source software over proprietary.

US Intelligence Agency Seeks Linux Talent

Linux vendors have until Feb. 11 to tell the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency how they can help the intelligence agency with its Linux information system.

ChiliProject Forks Web-based Project Management System Redmine

Members of the open source project management system Redmine have forked it to create ChiliProject.

EMC Announces Free Community Edition of Greenplum Database

The community edition of Greenplum is free for everybody, but EMC will charge people who run the database in production and want support.

Google Releases Chrome 9 Stable

Chrome 9 offers WebGL, Chrome Instant and Chrome Web Store features.

Major Update to Open Source ATI Linux Driver

If you use the open-source ATI Linux graphics driver, a major stable update is now available.

Embarcadero Now Offering Starter Editions of C++ Builder and Delphi RAD Environments

The new offering is geared toward new developers, students and smaller development shops. The cost is less than $200.

Google Open Sources Mac OS X Package Deployment Software, Simian

Simian is Google's software for managing software packages on Mac.

jQuery 1.5 Is Available Now

The biggest change in this release is a complete rewrite of the Ajax module.

Linux Foundation Announces Android and MeeGo Development Courses

To help fill demand for Linux-based smartphone and tablet developers, The Linux Foundation is offering six training courses on Android and MeeGo.

Meet Instructure, the Open Source Learning Management System

Instructure is an open source learning management system (LMS) that hopes to take on the big kahuna in LMS, Blackboard.

Open Source Game Development Tool Maratis Out with First Release Candidate

After years of hard work, Angël Seghezzi has released the first release candidate for his game development tool Maratis.

CrossOver 10 'The Impersonator' Is Now Available

CodeWeavers takes advantage of the latest improvements made in Wine 1.3.9 to release "The Impersonator" CrossOver version 10.

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries Hit 1.0 Milestone

The window manager for Linux libraries have been in beta since October 2009, but now they're ready for prime time.

Intel Announces Open Source Open FCoE Software Stack

According to Intel, if everyone converted to their Open FCoE software stack, the world would save $3 billion in hardware and power costs and 400 million feet of cable.

Kitware Goes Open Source with ActiViz .NET Tool

Kitware has decided to release ActiViz .NET tool under the open source BSD license.

Mozilla Paid Out $40,000 for Bug Bounty in One Month

Last month, Mozilla expanded its bug bounty program beyond Firefox.

Google Forks Android with Tablet-specific Offering

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is designed specifically for tablets.

Google Releases New Android Development Tools

A new "snapshot" feature allows Android virtual devices to boot nearly instantly.

Merging Open Source Projects Selenium and WebDriver Almost Done

A year and a half later, Selenium 2.0 is getting ready to ship. It's the result of the merging WebDriver and the Selenium Web testing suites.

Oracle Picks Brazilian Java Group to Supersede Apache on JCP

Apache and two other JCP members left the Java governing body in a snit last year. The nomination of the Bruno Souza is perhaps an attempt to repair the damage.

Perl 5.12.3 Available Now

Perl 5.12.3 is the fourth stable release of Perl 5.12 and includes several minor bugs fixes and some tweaks to core modules.

Developer Accuses Adam Tablet Maker of Violating Open Source License

The Apache 2 license requires credit be given for copyrighted, patented, trademarked and attributed work.

jQuery 1.5 Coming Soon

jQuery 1.5 will include a complete rewrite of the Ajax module, deferreds and subclassing.

LibreOffice Arrives and It's Better Than OpenOffice

LibreOffice 3.3 stable is now available for download and judging by the reviews, it's better than OpenOffice.org.

MapQuest Rolls Out Eight More Sites Using OpenStreetMap

Using OpenStreetMap's open source data, MapQuest launches eight more country-specific mapping websites.

Mozilla's 'Don't Track Me' Plan

Mozilla is planning to offer a do-not-track feature to future versions of Firefox.

Oracle Positioning Java for the Enterprise at the Expense of Open Source Community

Forrester Research reports predicts that in the next decade the open source community will have walked away from Java while mission-critical large enterprises will stick with it.

HTML Spec to Lose Version Number

Rather than referring to the HTML specification as "HTML5" or "HTML4," the WHATWG is dropping the version number. The HTML specification will now be a "living standard."

Ubuntu 11.10 to Ship with Qt

Nokia Qt is expected to ship with Ubuntu 11.10, and Ars Technica's Ryan Paul says this is a huge victory for developers.

FFmpeg Coup Results in New Team of Maintainers

A new team of developers has taken over the FFmpeg project and left the old developers wondering what happened.

Simplifying COBOL Portability to Java, Azure and .NET

Micro Focus announced a new product today to make it easier to write portable COBOL so that it works with Java, Microsoft Azure or .NET.

The Free Software Foundation Backs Google in Dumping H.264 Video Codec

The FSF is urging website operators to stop using H.264 and to switch to the WebM video codec.

Booting Linux in 1 Second

By optimizing necessary boot processes, eliminating unnecessary ones and taking a different approach to solving problems, SwiftBoot is able to boot an embedded Linux in one second.

Debian 6 to Be Released Early February

Debian 6.0 is scheduled to be released in the first weekend of February.

Internap Launches OpenStack Cloud Service

XIPCloud Storage is currently in a "very short" beta, but when it goes live, it's expected to offer unlimited data storage.

Google Explains Its Stance on Dropping H.264 from Chrome

Many people are angry with Google over the company's stance to embrace an open standard for the video tag in HTML5 rather than H.264, which requires users and publishers to pay a royalty to watch videos in their browser.

JDK 7 Is Feature Complete

As long as the Expert Groups don't screw things up by introducing a bunch of changes, Oracle is confident they will reach general availability for JDK 7 on July 28, 2011.

Who's Using Node.js?

There's a lot of buzz among developers about Node.js, but who's using it and why?

Microsoft Embraces Open Source Web Development

While Microsoft's WebMatrix is a sort of Web developer's app store, "the fact that Microsoft has decided to stock it with open source software goes some way to showing how far open source projects have progressed."

New Cassandra Boasts 2 Billion Columns Per Row Capacity

Previous versions of Cassandra had a 2GB upper limit on the amount of material a single row could hold. With version 0.7, that limit has been eliminated.

US House of Representatives Seeking Bids for Move to Open Source Drupal

All of the incoming House freshmen's Web sites are running Drupal, but existing members have the option to switch.

Firefox 4 to Implement IndexedDB Standard

IndexedDB allows Web applications to store large amounts of data on the client's computer for fast offline retrieval.

Green Energy Corp Launches Smart Grid Open Source Community

The Total Grid community will host projects such as smart grid applications, protocols and Reef/GreenBus functionality.

Open Source Jaspersoft Brings Business Intelligence to Everyone

Jaspersoft says this is the first complete BI suite designed for Web applications.

Google Phasing Out H.264 in Chrome for Open Source Video Codecs

Google said that only open source codecs will be supported in Chrome.

It Looks Like Hudson Will be Renamed to Jenkins

Oracle has ticked off another open source project. This time it's Hudson.

Open Source Java 7 for Mac Available

In November, Apple said they were going to deprecate the current Java for Mac. Now Java Development Kit 7 for Mac OS X is out.

Apache Releases Cassandra 0.7

Cassandra is used by Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to scale massive amounts of data.

Linux Box Uses Enron Email Archive for Demo

The entire Enron email dataset was made available to the public by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

PHP Fog Lands $1.8 Million in New Funding

Platform as a service provider, PHP Fog, wants to do for PHP what Heroku does for Ruby.

Apple Pulls Open Source VLC Media Player from App Store

After a VLC developer complained about the App Store's terms of use being incompatible with the GPL, Apple has finally pulled the VLC media player.

CubicleSoft Announces Open Source WebCron Site Backup

Released under the MIT or LGPL, WebCron is a Web site backup tool that can back up files and MySQL databases.

Joomla 1.6 to Be Released Today

Open source Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. Today, Joomla developers are expected to release version 1.6.

AMD Releases Open Source Support for Radeon HD 6000 Series

AMD's open source Linux support is timed to be in Linux 2.6.38, but it rules out being included in Ubuntu 11.04.

Black Duck Software Names Diaspora 2010 Open Source Rookie of the Year

Black Duck Software says that Diaspora social network was the clear number one open source rookie of the year for 2010.

PHP Fixes Critical Bug in 5.3 and 5.2

Motorola Unveils New Android Devices at CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year Motorola announced four new Android devices including the Xoom tablet, Droid Bionic, Cliq 2 and the Atrix smartphone.

What's Happening with Oracle's Unbreakable Linux?

Oracle says that it's Unbreakable Linux Kernel is faster, more secure and more reliable than any other Linux distribution available.

Firefox Beating Internet Explorer in Europe

Thanks to Google, Firefox is now the dominant browser in Europe.

If Sued for Copyright Infringement, Wayback Machine Could Owe 2,000 Times the US National Debt

The nonprofit Internet Archive has more than 150 billion Web pages archived. Congress passed a law that levels a $150,000 fine for each copyright violation.

NASA's Open Source Object Oriented Data Technology Wins Apache Support

Android Users Angry About 6-month-old Texting Bug

An Android bug first reported in June 2010 causes Android to send text messages randomly to the wrong recipient. It's still not fixed.

Canabalt Game for iOS Goes Open Source

The game Canabalt took onlyabout two weeks to build, and it has been downloaded more than 225,000 times from the App Store. And now, it's open source.

Open Source MathJax Makes Math Pretty on the Web

Rendering math codes in a Web browser has been a challenge. Now Project Euclid has released MathJax, a JavaScript engine that aims to solve that problem once and for all.

Open Source Android Closing Gap on Apple's iOS

Both Apple and Android are gaining market share while BlackBerry continues to lose, but open source Android appears to be gaining ground on Apple's iOS.

The Top 10 Things Wrong with JavaScript

Whether you love JavaScript or just tolerate it, everyone can agree that JavaScript has some problems.

Wary Puppy 5.0 Now Available

Older hardware requires older drivers and that's what the Wary Puppy Linux distro offers.

Critical WordPress Security Bug Found

Open Source Peer-to-peer Electronic Currency with Bitcoin

Without a centralized server, Bitcoin developers are creating a peer-to-peer system for crypto-currency.

Oregon State University Hiring Full-time Open Source Developer

Congress API Chief Among New York Times Open Source

The New York Times' open source offerings and APIs don't get a lot of press, but there are some interesting tools available to developers, such as the Congress API.

Cuba Migrating to Open Source Linux and OpenOffice

The government of Cuba has set a strategic goal in 2011 to migrate most of its computers to open source software.

OSI Asks German Competition Authority to Investigate Novell Sale

For the first time ever, the OSI has asked for an investigation into the purchase of an open source company. The organization has asked Germany's Federal Cartel Office to look into Microsoft's role in the sale of Novell to Attachmate.

Oops, Mozilla Accidentally Published a User Registration Database

Mozilla published 44,000 user accounts for addons.mozilla.org, but claims all of the accounts were inactive.

Open Source SugarCRM Worth $350 Million

Research firm says SugarCRM is expected to bring in about $95 million in revenue in 2012 and $107.7 million in 2013.

Russian Government Plans to Switch to Open Source Software

Russia plans a national repository similar to the App Store for free and open source operating systems.

LibreOffice 3.3 Release Candidate 2 Is Available Now

The Document Foundation folks are making progress towards their first stable release of LibreOffice. The second release candidate is available now, and the productivity suite has its own website too.

Mozilla's Last Firefox 4 Beta for 2010

Delays force the Mozilla open source Web browser release back to first quarter of 2011.

OpenBSD Audit Finds Bugs, But No Backdoors

A code audit finds no evidence of any FBI conspiracy to sneak backdoors into OpenBSD.

Questions to Answer Before You Open-source Your Code

Open-sourcing a project doesn't have to be difficult, but before doing so, Matthew Helmke thinks you should answer these questions.

Why Some Countries Are Adopting Open Source More Than Others

Countries that adopt open source software are those with high levels of technical training, a general population that has access to the information society and governmental policies that encourage the use of open source software.

Google Launches Open Source YouTube Channel

Google's open source YouTube channel is a place to find videos related to open source software projects.

KDE Joins the Open Invention Network

KDE joins Open Invention Network for patent protection.

Open Source Browsers Chipped Away at IE Share in 2010

Oracle Releases VirtualBox 4.0

With the first VirtualBox 4.0 beta coming out on December 6, Oracle continues to push the open source project forward.

Git Joins the Software Freedom Conservancy

Google Posts the Source Code for Android 2.3

Google releases all of the source code for Android 2.3 Gingerbread, giving another nod to open source.

PHP 5.2 Reaches End of Life

Debian 'Squeeze' Will Have Totally Free Linux Kernel

Debian's been working on shipping a totally free Linux kernel since Debian 4.0 "Etch." Now with the upcoming Debian 6.0 "Squeeze," they think they've achieved their goal.

Did the FBI Pay OpenBSD Developers for Backdoors into IPsec?

According to Gregory Perry, the FBI paid several OpenBSD developers to program backdoors into the IPsec stack so that the FBI could monitor site-to-site VPN communications.

MapQuest Trying to 'Out Open' Google

MapQuest is using open source OpenStreetMaps.org data to get a leg up on Google's dominant position in the online mapping arena.

Puppet Labs Releases MCollective 1.0 for Data Center Automation

The open source data center automation company acquired MCollective in early October, this is the first MCollective release.

Talend's Open Source Middleware Offering

With the purchase of SOPERA, Talend beefs up its middleware stack.

Ext4 Filesystem on Google Android Gingerbread

Most Android devices use the YAFFS file system, but with Gingerbread, the ext4 is now available on vendor devices that support it.

Mozilla Predicts an End to the 'Browser'

Mozilla chairperson Mitchell Baker said that the notion of a Web "browser" will be radically changing in the near future.

Netflix Uses Open Source Software

The Apache Software Foundation Launches 'Apache Extras'

For Apache projects outside of official Apache projects, there's now Apache Extras.

The Dirty Dozen of Application Development Mistakes

Programmers make mistakes, but too often the bugs are the result of not avoiding common pitfalls.

Android Gingerbread SDK Closes TapJacking Vulnerability

With all of the exciting new features coming in Android Gingerbread, a security fix in the SDK will help developers protect users from TapJacking.

JavaScript Framework, Qooxdoo 1.3, Adds Virtual Lists

Version 1.3 of qooxdoo adds some impressive new features include 'virtual' lists, a progress bar and improvements for the toolbar.

Linux Foundation Certifies All Commercial Linux Distributions

All of the major commercial Linux distributions have been certified by The Linux Foundation.

The Apache Software Foundation Leaves the JCP Executive Committee

The Apache Software Foundation has joined others in stepping down from the Java Community Process Executive Committee.

Chrome 'Crankshaft' JavaScript Optimizer Is Faster

Crankshaft analyzes JavaScript to determine which bits of code are heavily used and which are not. The code that is heavily used with be optimized; the code that is not will be left alone.

Goldman Sachs Stolen Code Contained Open Source Software

During testimony, one witness said that the code allegedly stolen by Sergey Aleynikov from Goldman Sachs contained a lot of open source software.

Independent Java Expert Resigns from Java Community Process

Tim Peierls was the only member of the JCP Executive Committee representing independent Java programmers, and he quit this week.

Matt Asay Leaves Canonical for Strobe

Asay was with Canonical for only 10 months, and now he's leaving to join Strobe to build HTML5 Web-based applications.

Oracle's Open Source Hudson Trademark Doesn't Exist

Oracle's claim that it owns the trademark for the Hudson open source project name might be bogus.

FirefoxLive Streaming Cuteness to Promote Upcoming Firefox 4

To promote awareness of the upcoming Firefox 4 open source Web browser, Firefox is streaming cute red pandas (a.k.a. firefoxes).

Google Wave Accepted into Apache Software Foundation Incubator

Google abandoned Wave in August when the company realized that people weren't that into it.

LibreOffice Release Candidate 1 Is Now Available

The first beta of LibreOffice, The Document Foundation's OpenOffice fork, is now available for testing.

Scott McNealy Talks About Ellison and Sun's Mistakes

Sun cofounder Scott McNealy said that what really hurt Sun was closing off Solaris from the open source community.

WordPress Zero-day Exploit Fixed

WordPress 3.0.2 fixed a pretty serious bug that allows authors to execute arbitrary SQL.

Google Chrome 8: Stable, Now Available

More than 800 bugs have been squashed in the latest Google Chrome 8 release. Google paid out $4,000 in security bug bounties.

Katalabs Releases HTML 5 Virtual Worlds Browser

All you can currently do in Katalabs HTML 5 Virtual Worlds browser is walk around, sit down, and chat, but it's a start.

Oracle's Latest Open Source Fumble: The Hudson Project

Oracle continues to stumble in managing their many open source projects. This time they locked out the entire open source community from accessing the Hudson project source code.

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on Linux Uses GPU Video Acceleration

Testing shows that Adobe Flash 10.2 is noticeably faster than 10.1 on Linux.

Billion-Dollar Open Source Companies Exist -- Lots of Them

Rather than just looking at companies selling open source software, Alan Shimel says that a better measuring stick are all of the companies using open source software.

Oracle Releases VirtualBox 3.2.12

The latest VirtualBox from Oracle fixes several bugs and improves security.

Linux Kernel Development Community Remains Healthy, Vibrant and Diverse

While there's been a dip in patches per hour, the Linux kernel remains the most successful open source project yet.

Oracle's $1.3 Billion Court Victory Against SAP Also a Win for Open Source

Oracle's $1.3 billion court win against SAP proves that with open source software, customers are in the driver's seat.

Red Hat Acquires Cloud Software Provider Makara

Red Hat has added to its Cloud Foundation portfolio by purchasing Makara.

The Linux Kernel: To Patch or Not to Patch?

A lively debate broke out in the open source community when one developer discovered how to speed up the Linux desktop with a few lines of code that patch the kernel.

Microsoft Sets Deadline for Windows Live Blogs to Migrate to WordPress

Microsoft claims some 30 million blogs on Windows Live, all of those bloggers are encouraged to migrate to WordPress.com before March 2011.

Mozilla Creating New Programming Language Called Rust

Originally a side project of Graydon Hoare, Rust is a new programming language by Mozilla.

First Look at Diaspora, Open Source Social Network

It's too early to tell if open source social networking project Diaspora will be a Facebook killer, but Ars Technica's Ryan Paul reviews the alpha code.

Open Source OpenVizsla USB Sniffer Exceeds Venture Funding Goals

The OpenVizsla project has raised nearly $40,000 to build an open source USB sniffer.

Symbian Foundation to Shutter Web Sites on December 17

On December 17, 2010, the Symbian Foundation will pull the plug on its Web sites, and the open source mobile operating system source code will no longer be downloadable.

AMD Releases Open Source Driver for Fusion Chip

AMD next-generation Fusion APU chip is a low-power, dual-core processor.

The Second Random Hacks of Kindness Event Announced

The second Random Hacks of Kindness is scheduled for December 4 and 5.

Tim Berners-Lee Worries About the Future of the Web

The Web turns 20 next month and creator Tim Berners-Lee is worried about its future as corporations chip away at net neutrality and open standards.

Attachmate Buys Novell and Microsoft Keeps the IP Assets Hidden

With its deal with Novell set to expire, Microsoft arranged for all of the alleged Linux patents to be held by a shadow group called CPTN Holdings LLC.

EFF Releases New Version of HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Plugin

The HTTPS Everywhere Firefox plugin attempts to protect Firefox users from having their accounts hijacked by sites that do not encrypt cookies.

Microsoft Flip-flops on OpenKinect Open Source Driver Threats

First, Microsoft got mad and threatened to sue anyone who created open source drivers for their Kinect controller. Now they're fine with it.

Using GPUs to Speed up Your Applications

Now even nongraphical product developers can leverage the power of the GPU to speed up their applications.

Mozilla Revenue Up 34 Percent

Mozilla has seen significant revenue growth from calender year 2008 to calender year 2009.

Oracle and Apple Announce OpenJDK Project for OS X

Java SE 6 will continue to be provided by Apple, but Java SE 7 and future versions of Java will be available from Oracle.

The 9 Most Anticipated Features in Android Gingerbread 2.3

What features will Android application developers need to support in version 2.3, aka Gingerbread? Here are the nine most anticipated features the rumor mill expects to be included.

The Java SE 7 Roadmap Is Posted

Java SE 7 is scheduled to ship on July 28, 2011 with a first release candidate set for May 2011.

Black Duck Purchases SpikeSource

Black Duck software, an open source software management firm, has been making lots of purchases lately. The latest is SpikeSource, a provider of software tools and services to automate application component identification and security.

Dynamic Languages VM Parrot 2.10.0 Is Out

The new version of the Parrot dynamic languages virtual machine has better garbage collection and it's on GitHub now.

Kaltura Releases Community Edition Version 3.0 of Video Platform

The Kaltura Video Platform Community Edition has the same features as the commercial edition, as well as a cloud deployment option.

Blender Wins 2010 Open Source Graphics Software Award

The Blender Foundation said they will use the prize money to set up a dedicated wiki server and upgrade the project's back-end software and bug tracking.

Open Source Application Silverstripe Approved by Microsoft

Silverstripe is the first open source Web application to be Microsoft certified.

Secret Debugger Found in AMD Chips

A secret debugger has been discovered on AMD Athlon processors that could allow for the chips to be reverse engineered.

MapQuest Adds Bike Route API to Open Directions Service

MapQuest may have lost some of its luster to Google Maps and Bing Maps, but the company has chosen to embrace open source and open data. Now they've added bicycle route information to their Open Direction Service API.

Oracle Responds to Apache's Threat to Withdraw from JCP

Oracle responds to the Apache Software Foundation's threat to leave the Java Community Process Executive Committee, asking them to reconsider. The ASF tells Oracle it's you who needs to do the reconsidering.

Password Cracking in the Cloud with Amazon's Cluster GPI Instance

Security blogger proves once again that SHA1 is obsolete and should no longer be used.

Fedora to Drop X for Wayland Too

First Ubuntu said they're dropping the X Window System for Wayland, and now Fedora says they will too.

Google to Oracle: If Android Violates Copyright, It's Not Our Fault

If anyone violated anybody's copyrights, Google says it must have been a third-party because they have no idea what Oracle's talking about.

Here's the Plan for Ubuntu's Natty Narwhal 11.04 Release

Ubuntu developers and companies met in Orlando, Florida to discuss the Ubuntu Natty Narwhal 11.04 release.

jQuery 1.4.4 Is Out Now

This version of jQuery adds the .fadeToggle() method and fixes a bunch of bugs.

Novell Announces Baracus Cloud Tool

Hoping to tap into the momentum for more cloud computing tools and solutions, Novell announces Baracus.

Samsung Releases Galaxy Tab's Open Source Code

Embracing the ideals of open source software development, Samsung has made Galaxy Tab's source code available for download.

Google's Open Source Refine 2.0 to Corral Unwieldy Data Sets

After purchasing Metaweb and its Freebase software in July, Google has renamed the project Refine and released this week version 2.0.

Hacker Awarded $3,000 Prize for Creating the First Open Source Kinect Driver

It took about a week for a hacker to produce the first open source Kinect driver and claim the $3,000 bounty offered by Adafruit.

Linaro Demostrates Easier, Quicker and Optimized Open Source

In just six months, Linaro has now more than 70 developers working on improving embedded Linux with ARM.

Google Denies Facebook Access to Gmail Contacts API

Google to Facebook - you can have our data when we can get your data.

Tiki Wiki CMS Version 6 Now Available

The newest Tiki Wiki introduces re-Captcha, batch function and an improvied WYSIWYG editor.

Google Chrome OS Really is Open Source

Google can open source Chrome, because doing so can't hurt them, and may even help them, but open sourcing Android and Google TV is a bit different for the search engine giant.

Nokia Takes Control of Symbian

Nokia setup the Symbian Foundation two years ago when it took complete control of Symbian and made it open source.

Will ARM Processors Change the Economics of Servers?

The ARM processors aren't as fast, but they use a lot less power than x86.

Mozilla Wants a Birthday Card

It's been six years since Firefox 1.0 on Nov. 9, 2004.

Canadian Company Offers Open Source Alternative to Schools

Userful is offering a custom installation of open source Ubuntu Linux to schools looking to save money.

Google Chrome 7.0.517.44 Bug Bounty $7,500

The newest stable Chrome Web browser fixes several security flaws and updates Flash.

Oracle Charging More for MySQL

By deciding to raise their support rates on MySQL, Oracle is perhaps opening the door for smaller support firms to service small and medium-sized businesses who rely on MySQL and commercial support.

Apache Software Foundation Says That's Not Our Code

Confusion over license text forces the Apache Software Foundation to issue a statement.

Linux 2.6.37 Release Candidate 1 Is Out

The biggest change was getting rid of Big Kernel Lock in the core.

Security Experts Find 359 Defects in Android Kernel

Despite the number of bugs, this security audit of Android is good news for Google and potentially for open source software.

Apple Hurls Patent Lawsuit at Motorola Over Android

The patent war continues with Apple leveling a patent lawsuit against Motorola and its Android devices.

VLC Developer Says Apple's AppStore Violates GPL

Just days after getting Apple's AppStore approval, a VLC developer asks Apple to stop distributing VLC on the AppStore because doing so violates the terms of the GPL.

Why Coders Write Open Source

What motivates open source developers most is the chance to solve a problem and the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Matt Asay Says Microsoft Open Source Threats Will Fail

Matt Asay warns Microsoft against continuing the company's current strategy of threatening lawsuits to crush open source software.

Open Source for America Award Goes to the White House

Open Source for America (OSA) promotes the use of open source in the U.S. federal government. This week the group announced the winners of its inaugural open source awards program.

OpenNebula 2.0 Cloud Toolkit Available for Download

The open source cloud toolkit OpenNebula 2.0 was released this week.

KDevelop 4.1 Adds Git Integration

This week, open source KDevelop 4.1 hit the Internet with Git integration, improved PHP support, a Hex editor, remote project importation, external script execution and patch exporting.

Meego 1.1 Released and Ready for Nokia N900 Smartphone

Meego version 1.1 is now available and the Nokia N900 can dual-boot Meego and Nokia's Maemo OS.

Open Source Communication Server, Asterisk 1.8.0 Available Now

Asterisk 1.8, the next major release for this open source communication server, turns a computer into a communication server that can handle IP PBX, VoIP, conference calls, etc.

Build Your First PHP for Android Application

Getting started with PHP for Android and the Scripting Layer for Android is easy with this step-by-step guide, complete with a demo application.

Add NoSQL Data Storage to Your PHP Development with Redis

Redis provides a powerful and speedy alternative to relational database servers for PHP developers.

Build an MVC Framework with PHP

By combining the power of PHP with a nice templating system such as Smarty and a powerful database such as PostgreSQL, you can cleanly isolate the viewer of your application from the data model and controller.

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