June 24, 2019
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CSS and the Scrollbar

Jazz up your scrollbar with a few CSS color commands.

VML: Vector Markup Language

Use the power of XML to make vector-based images appear in your browser without needing to create them in a graphics program.

E-commerce Security: VeriSign

Learn how online commerce keeps your credit cards safe.

Post the Tables

Post the tables that pop up when the mouse passes over.

Minimize & Maximize

This script places links on your page that let your users minimize and maximize your pages. You can specify how small you want the minimized window. This one is for Netscape only.

The Document.Write Loop

Build the table that pops up when you mouse over a link.

Pop Up Tables

Create tables that pop up when you mouse over a link.

Cat Chases Your Mouse

Here's a quick, fun little script that plays around with Netscape Navigator layers.

Get It To The Text Box

Now let's post the numbers to the text box.

Create the Clock

Now we need to start building the clock using the actual time.

Create the Clock

Now we need to start building the clock using the actual time.

The zones of the time zone clock

Set up a time zone clock with javascript.

Perfecting the digital clock

We're in the home stretch with the digital clock script. All we need to do now is set the minutes and seconds.

More work on the digital clock code!

Today we begin playing around with replacing those image tags with the correct numbers, depending on what time it is.

Using Colored Text

We're going to continue continue working and improving the function from Script Tip 82.

Using Colored Text

Now the fun part. Let's get to acting upon those lines of text from the previous script.

Using Colored Text

This script was sent to me to use as a tip. I really liked it the first time I saw it, so here's the tutorial.

The Bigger Function

Let's look at the function outside of the script and figure out how it works.

Password Protection

Create real password protection with Perl.

Personal search engine

Learn how to create a personal search engine using Perl.

Remove all HTML Flags

Remove all HTML flags with this nifty little script.

Use Perl to do math

Want to perform math using Perl? Follow a few simple rules to get the correct display.

Dates and Times

This primer is dedicated to setting up a date and time script using Perl.

The scrolling functions

We know about the layer, we understand the loops, now let's put it all together in a function.

Writing To Another Page

The next step in the Perl Primer is learning to make the script post user comments.

Branching Method

In this primer, we'll play with the PERL branching method.

Writing the Thank-You Page & Modules

At the end of these primers, you'll know how to grab form data, send and alter email messages, and post and alter virtual HTML pages.

Writing the E-mail

The fourth primer in the PERL Series builds on first three.

File Permissions

PERL Primer two teaches you how to set up file permissions

Getting Started with PERL

Introduction and what you need to know in order to start learning Perl.

Drop-down display

In the last Script tip, we learned the layer and its properties. Now let's get it to display.

Creating a drop-down menu

The Spirit of script tips brings you a tutorial on creating a drop-down menu in Netscape Navigator.

Third password tutorial

This is the third in a string of JavaScript password script tutorials.


What exactly is this thing and how can you use it?

More about passwords

It's time for script number two in our run of Script Tips dealing with passwords.

So, You Want a Discussion Group, Huh?

I ran into Matt's Script Archive. It's a great site. He doesn't offer a great number of scripts, but the ones he does have work like a dream.

Password protection through JavaScript

This is the first in a series of script tips meant to discuss and describe the concept of creating password protection through JavaScript.

Headline Script

Today we wrap this up the headline script.

So You Want Interactive Form Elements, Huh?

Learn how to set up a form so that after the user fills in a pre-determined number of characters, the cursor jumps to the next form element all by itself.

Display and Reset

Now that we know which button was clicked and which headline number should be displayed, we need to display what is called and then reset all the values.

So You Want to Resize Your Window, Huh?

Forget setting your pages to fit the user's browser, set the user's browser to fit your pages.

The Next and Previous Buttons

Learn how to change headlines in the headline-linking script.

So, You Want A Java Applet, Huh?

Beyond HTML Tutorials

The Script in Netscape

This is a re-do of the color script so that it will run in Netscape Navigator.

The Mix() function

The engine that makes this script run is a simple function named mix(). We'll get into it here.

Building the Table

Now that we understand the concept of color and drop down menus, let's build the table so we can act upon it.

Java vs. JavaScript: So... what is the difference between Java and JavaScript anyway?

Java is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language created by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems. JavaScript was created by the fine people at Netscape. JavaScript is a distant cousin of Java.

JavaScript Y2K Fix

Beyond HTML Tutorials

So You Want Interactive Form Elements, Huh?

Beyond HTML Tutorials

So You Want To Open A Window, Huh?

I don't know why, but everyone wants to know how to create these little windows that pop up.

So, You Want A Live Script, Huh?

Beyond HTML Tutorials

So, You Want A Remote Control, Huh?

This is an effect people have been asking for for a long time now. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything on the topic -- so you know what I did? I wrote the script myself. Well, I wrote it and JavaScript wizard Andree Growney made it really work.

So, You Want to Print with JavaScript, Huh?

Beyond HTML Tutorials

16.7 Million Color Script

This color script is perfect for Web developers to check colors before writing them into the page.

Two Different-Welcomes

In this case I want the message -Nice to see you- when the user uses the cookie for the first time. I then want the message -Welcome back- each time following.

Display cookie contents

The cookie is set. Now we need to use coding to go get it.

First Time Cookie

If a user has come to your page and didn't play nice with this script and allowed it to simply read "Nobody" by hitting return, we should make a point of showing that person the error of their ways and give them a second

Write the Cookie

But what if this is the person's first time to get the cookie? Then we need to set up code that places it and writes what we want to it. Let's do it.

Placing A Cookie

Whatever you think about cookies, there's no denying they're popular. In this series of Script Tips we'll get into how you can set, and retrieve, cookies for your visitors.

Parse It! Parse It!

Parse the information from the array and give it to the showChord() function.

Check the Buttons

Look at the functions of the script that check the radio buttons.

Build the Chords

Let's look into how the chords are built into that bank of little radio dots.

So, You Want A Chat Room, Huh?

Use this Java applet to create your own chat room.

Guitar Chord Chart

Allows user to click on guitar chord and have chord formed

Positive to Negative

There's one more thing to worry about in this here calculator script and that is the button that changes numbers from negative to positive.

Last Row of Buttons

On to the last line of buttons.

The Second Row of Buttons

Let's get into the buttons you find past the top row.

Site Search With AltaVista and HotBot

Use AltaVista or HotBot as your personal search engine!

The Calculator

How to create a calculator

The Buttons

The Buttons

ASP Example 2: Password Protection

Learn to set up a password-protected directory using Active Server Pages.

ASP Example 3: Guestbook

Everybody loves putting together a great guestbook, and through the use of ASP, you can get that all-important secondary page that pops up right after the user submits.

Frames Script

Frames Script

Display the results

Now all that is left is to display it.

Post Screen Size

This will either act as a general, overall direction script or as an internal script that writes items to the page, depending on the user's screen settings.

Do the Math

We have the image's height, width, and will soon have a new height from the user.

Get the Height and Width

Grab the image's height and width without any input from the viewer.

Image Proportion Script

Enter height and width of an image to resize. Then enter a new height; the script figures the new width, keeping the same proportions the image original had.

Do the Search

We've set up search URLs and created something that will check the entered text for spaces. Now, we'll do the search.

Replace the Space With a (+)

Today, we look at the code that searches the keywords entered in this script.

So, You Want Your Own BBS Server, Huh?

People have been writing to me for a while now asking how they can get a Billboard Server or a Newsgroup-type effect. Others want to be able to post the results of their e-mail guestbook without all the hassle. Well, here's the answer.

Multiple Search Engines

This script allows searches on many search engines from one page.

So, You Want A Java Clock, Huh?

Beyond HTML Tutorials

So, You Want Your Own Domain, Huh?

In this tutorial I'll do my best to explain how to go about getting your own section of the World Wide Web, and hopefully explain a little bit about how the whole Internet works along the way.

Use It With Frames

Get to the configuration that allows use across frames

No Button!

Wouldn't it be better to just let the user choose their selection and off they go... sans button?

Color Changing Button Flips

Get a button to change colors like the text link above! Here's how.

Color Changing Links Flips

Pass a mouse over a link and it changes colors! Here's how to do it.


Make a division appear and disappear at will! It's a great effect. Separate pages for MSIE and Netscape.

Moving Note Cards

These note cards move back to front when you click on the tabs. It's a great way to supply your viewers with multiple levels of information!

The Function

The function part of this script is what takes the choice the user made and creates a hypertext link to it.

Folder Trees

Create a folder tree and allow your viewers to open and close links in a frames format.

Power Point Transistions

So, You Want Transitions, Huh?

A Video Game

Here's a video game where it's you against a UFO...

Drop-Down Link Menu

This tip is a basic drop down link menu.

Scroll in a Text Box

Now let's get that scroll to show up in a text box.

The Scroll Function

We have the text that will scroll, now let's get it scrolling.

Non-Dithering Colors

Non-dithering colors are the colors that always look smooth, without the appearance of dots. Here we present a chart of all 216 non-dithering colors.

Scrolling Text

Don't make the scrolling text important information. It should act as icing on the cake.

Random Banners

The script uses two arrays and five images to get its effect. The script posts a random banner.

Full text Date

Adding Those Two Letters

Full text Date

Taking Elements From the Arrays

A Quick Color Explanation

This tutorial is a brief introduction to color theory and hexadecimal color codes

Browser Detector JavaScript

No more Java errors! No more nonscrolling marquees. This script is cross-platform and sends viewers to a specific page, depending on their browser.

So, You Want A Custom Flag, Huh?

Readers want to know what can be done with XML. Until now, I didn't have a really good answer, but I think I've found a pretty good use for it.

So, You Want Your Own Bookmark Icon, Huh?

When someone bookmarks your page, choose the icon that appears in the list! (MSIE 5.0 only)

Internal Browser Test

This is really a clever deal. In this tutorial I'm going to talk about a different way to post information to your page depending on what browser the user is running.

So, You Want A Dual Image Flip, Huh?

I can usually tell where my readers are surfing. The reason is that often I'll get a letter asking how another site did something spectacular. The latest thing everyone wants is a dual image flip like the one put up on Comedy Central.

Full Text Date

Post a date that goes beyond the basic number returns.

HTML 4.0: New Commands

Here's a summary of the new commands for HTML 4.0.

HTML 4.0: New Subcommands

Here's a summary of the new subcommands for HTML 4.0.

Do the Math

Now we have all the parts. Let's figure the days.

The setTimeout() Command

The main thrust here is to discuss the setTimeout() command.

Grab and Alter the Minute and Seconds

Grab and alter the minute and second sections of the clock.

Grab and Alter the Hour

JavaScript doesn't simply allow us to present the hours by calling for and then posting the return from the method getHours().

Running Digital Clock

We're good to go with the running digital clock this time around. This is a big, involved piece of code that you'll love.

The Guestbook Function

The function surrounds JavaScript that will open a new window and fill it with text.

The HTML Form Elements

Let's go in the complete opposite direction and look at the HTML form elements.

Get Name and E-Mail

First we grab the user's name and e-mail address and stick them in the subject line of the FORM tag.

Fancy Guestbook

Now, we start again with a guestbook script that carries all the bells and whistles.

The defaultStatus Command

That little number can be plopped basically anywhere and whatever follows it shows up in the status bar.

Using JavaScript to Create HTML Tags

This script's main purpose is to write the HTML document's flag to the page so we have to make sure that the entire script sits right where the sits on the HTML page.

Image Formats on the Web

This tutorial/essay goes into great depth regarding images in general. BMP, GIF, and JPEG formats are then explained with loads of examples.

So You Want A VBScript, Huh?

VBScript is a Microsoft original. It's quite close to the earlier version of JavaScript, but still a tried and true Explorer model.

So, You Want An Explorer Scrolling Marquee, Huh?

Explorer offers a very simple text scroll. They call it a Marquee. Here's how you do it.

So, You Want ASP, Huh?

You're surfing along and everything looks okay, but then you look up at the location bar. There's no .html up there. It's new. Instead there's an .asp.Signpost up ahead. You have entered the Active Server Page Zone....

So, You Want Cascading Style Sheets, Huh?

These commands are now supported cross-browser so they are becoming very popular. Set all font size and face commands at once! All your pages read from one template: That's the style sheet.

So, You Want Some Explorer Commands, Huh?

This is a list of the extra commands Explorer offers over the Netscape browser. Most are extensions of what Netscape can do. They produce more color or allow more manipulation of data.

The document.write Statement

How the results of the random number functions get written to the page.

What is XML?

Wondering what this new language is and how it's going to effect the way people write? Let's start looking into it.

What With What? What About Opera?

Check Opera HTML Commands

Writing for Disabled Assistant Browsers

The W3C has set up page design guidelines that you can follow to allow those using disabled assistant browsers to better read your pages. Here are the highlights and some links to get you started.

The Upper Limit

We're dealing with a random number script or set of scripts (it's actually two).

Random Number Generator

This script produces a random number between 1 and any number. Set the upper limit within the script.

Creating Variables Along the Way

Discuss setting up variables as the script goes along.

So, You Want A Client-Side Image Map, Huh?

This map works through placing coordinates on the HTML page. Viewers must have a higher level browser to see it work.

A Bigger and Better Browser Script

Look at the browser the user is running and send the user to a specific page.

A Bigger and Better Browser Script

Look at the browser the user is running and send the user to a specific page.

The IF/ELSE Condition

The central purpose of this browser detection system

Double vs. Single Equal Sign

Look at a rather small but quite important command, the equal sign.

Browser Choice

This is a browser choice script.

The History Object

Now we'll get into the history statement

The Confirm Command

Let's talk about that confirm statement

The Instance

Tear a little further into this script in an attempt to better understand it.

What's A Function?

We're going to focus on the function in the script.

Do I Really Need That LANGUAGE="javascript"?

Posts a dialogue box when a person enters the page.

How The Image And Script Are Linked

The last part of the discussion of this basic image flip script

The Use of an Event Handler

Spend more time looking at how a basic image flip works its magic

The Hierarchy Statement

Discussion on the use of objects in a hierarchy statement

So, You Want A Cookie, Huh?

Learn to make a cookie and retrieve information about your viewers.

So, You Want A Searchable Database, Huh?

Learn to create a searchable database for your Web page.

What's An Object?

A series of tips to help you place JavaScript on your HTML pages.

HTML 4.0

Here's the newest version of HTML so you can understand it.

HTML 4.0: Frames

How does HTML 4.0 affect frame creation? Here's how!

Password Protected Pages: Part Two The Other Side

You will be shown how to set up a directory that will only let in those who know the password.

Server Response Codes

What exactly does that 404 error mean? What about that 412 error and that pesky 501 error? Here are the answers to all your server error questions.

So You Want A Password Protected Page, Huh?

You will be shown how to set up a directory that will only let in those who know the password.

So, You Want To Place A CGI, Huh?

If you follow this tutorial, you will be guided through the steps to place a guestbook CGI onto your system.

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