June 16, 2019
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How a Portal Factory Simplifies Development

Does your organization have a variety of ways to develop and maintain customer, partner, and employee websites? Perhaps you should consider how a portal development factory can simplify development through an efficient and consistent set of people, processes, and platforms.

How Portal Standards Enable Reuse

As an IT professional, it is likely that you have heard portal buzz words including JSR 168 and WSRP. But if you are like many, you may not understand the differences or the benefits of these complementary portal standards.

Reuse and the Portal Onion

Reuse is the Holy Grail that many IT shops search for to reap the benefits of lower development and maintenance costs. Read on and peel the layers of the portal onion, examining how each layer enables reuse of front-end components and infrastructure.

Why Portal or Why Not Portal?

Many developers and software architects question why they should use a portal framework to create their websites. Perhaps a better question is why not use a portal framework to create your website. Read on to learn how a portal framework knits together the architectural elements related to user experience.

Front End Architecture: Where Business Meets IT

Front end architecture describes how business capabilities are exposed to employees, customers, and partners through the web, mobile, voice, and web services interaction media. As such, front end architecture is where business meets IT. Learn the benefits you can realize through a thoughtfully designed front end architecture.

Enabling Project Success Through an Architecture Baseline

Have you participated in a proof of concept, prototype, or pilot? How about an architecture baseline? If not, consider how you might include this valuable software development activity in your next project.

Providing a Clear Point of Reference

Is reference architecture an ivory tower activity with little relevance to software development projects? Or, is it rather like a compass that keeps projects on track and pointing toward their destination? Read on to learn the importance of reference architecture in capturing and leveraging organizational knowledge.

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