October 19, 2017
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Putting Architecture Principles into Practice

Learn how to explicitly define the principles upon which your IT organization stands and practical advice for putting them into practice.

Top Ten Tips for Presenting Architecture Information

Have you ever struggled to communicate architectural information with stakeholders? Do you recognize that presenting data and information is a core competency of an architect? Consider putting these proven principles and patterns to use in your next presentation.

Browser Compatibility Development Guide

Do you have defined practices to ensure your website renders and operates properly on your users preferred browsers? If not, do you realize you may be losing customers and partners as a result? This guide for browser compatibility development provides you with the information you need to start or enhance your browser compatibility development practice.

The 4C Architecture Blueprinting Process

City plans and zoning boards. Building codes and inspectors. These concepts are quite familiar in the field of urban planning. Do they really apply to enterprise architecture? Read on to learn about creating your own city plan using the 4C architecture blueprinting process.

Maturity Through Standards

Do architecture standards curtail the creativity of a developer or architect? Or rather, do standards channel creativity into solving business problems? Read on to learn how the presence (or absence) of standards is an indicator of the software development maturity in an organization.

Achieving 20/20 Vision Through Architecture Viewpoints

Don't let blind spots on your project impede its success! See how architecture view points can be used to gain a holistic view of the project and to successfully identify and partner with stakeholders.

Does StAX Belong in Your XML Toolbox?

With a growing number of XML processing APIs at your disposal, it is often difficult to know which to use and when. Should StAX be one you use?

Delving Deeper Into StAX

Work with StAX's cursor and event based iterator APIs. Review code snippets of the APIs, and build classes for reading and writing documents using the event API.

Does StAX Stack Up?

There is a new XML API in town called StAX (Streaming API for XML). Discover why we need another API in the JAXP family for processing XML documents.

Converting JDBC Result Sets to XML

XML is a common data format for passing data between components on disparate platforms. Relational databases are the most common way of persisting operational data. How do you bridge the gap between the two standard structures?

The Role of XML in Agile Enterprise Architecture

Is XML really boring? Does XML technology play a role in agile enterprise architecture; and if so...what?

XPath Rules!

Exploit the use of XPath as a non-proprietary rule language and demonstrate how DOM and XPath can be used to build a simple declarative rule engine.

Leveraging Host Applications

Are your host applications assets to be leveraged or liabilities to retire? Will you webify, servicize, rewrite, or simply live with your host applications?

Managing Business Services

Discover how a service management platform is responsible for automating the operational aspect of business services, such as access control, monitoring, auditing, and service modification.

Producing and Consuming Business Services

Jeff Ryan looks into the organizing principles of producing and consuming business services that should be considered before publishing a service or utilizing a partner's service.

Understanding Business Services

Discover how running business services can deliver significant benefits to you and your organization.

Ten Lessons Learned From An XML Developer

Are you getting started doing XML development? Have you been doing XML development for a while and want to see how you can get better in your craft? This article will try to help you learn the easy way, by building upon the successes and avoiding the failures of your peers.

Transforming Flat Files To XML With SAX and XSLT

Use XSLT to transform non-XML data sources using SAX (Simple API for XML).

XML Glossary

Jeff Ryan has collected the most used XML terms for your reference.

Modeling One-To-Many Relationships With XML

Modeling isn't just for databases anymore.....

Code Generation With XSL

When we think of XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language), we usually think of transforming XML into HTML, WML, or other XML formats. However, it's also possible to transform XML into virtually any format. In this article, we'll learn how to use XSL to generate Java programs.

Dynamic Screen Generation With XSL

Discover how to dynamically generate screens from meta data using XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language).

Building Modular Stylesheet Components

Now you can build modular and reusable components as you would in any other language using XSL. Jeff Ryan shows you how.

Optimizing Stylesheet Execution with the Java Transformation API for XML (TrAX)

Are you encountering performance problems when using XSL? Help is available. Jeff Ryan shows that using TrAX to invoke XSL stylesheets from Java programs may solve your problems.

Following the Rules-Based Approach to Stylesheet Development

Learning to exploit rule-based templates early in your stylesheet career will help you to develop more maintainable code and to avoid the procedural trap.

Where to Point Your View -- JSP or XSL

The MVC (Model View Controller) pattern is a common approach for architecting the presentation tier of your Web application. Explore the options for implementing the view or 'V' in MVC. Should it be JSP or XSL?

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