June 16, 2019
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Managing with Agility

Jason Purdy answers a reader's question about Agile.

Project Management: Curl Breaks Away

Our 'Project Management' columnist takes a look at Curl technology and at how it might be useful in meeting the needs of your development team.

Diary of a Developer: To Script or Not to Script

The enduring question for those first learning the ropes of software development on the Web is: What's the best technology to learn?

Diary of a Web Developer: Fork in the Road

Our intrepid advice columnist tackles a user's inquiry on building a Web interface in Perl that will launch an offline job on the server. There are two approaches. Get the code for using the fork and exec methods.

Diary of a Developer: Send Me Your Questions

We launch an advice column for those trying to keep up with the shock of the new in Web software development. Our columnist offers to answer inquiries on the fundamentals of working with today's wealth of Web technologies. Take him up on his offer.

Write once, run anywhere?

Without cross-platform assurances, developers will abandon Java's WORA mission, "go native" and worry about porting their creations to other platforms as it becomes important. Here are examples of some of the issues.

Internationalizing dates for your Java app

The life of a Java programmer: after you write and deploy your app, you get an e-mail, written in French. After translation, it turns out to be mail flaming you for not putting your date in European format. Ouch!

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