May 21, 2019
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E-commerce Platform Customization: Tweaking the Magento Admin Interface

Learn how to update the Magento e-commerce platform the right way by taking advantage of its powerful extension capabilities.

Build Express.js Web Applications Faster with Jade and Stylus

Jade templating engine and Stylus CSS preprocessor are HTML and CSS done right, particularly for Web developers who prefer a somewhat more structured environment.

Implement User Authentication in Ruby with Sinatra

Adding user authentication to your Ruby apps is simple with the Sinatra framework.

Meet DataMapper ORM, the Unified Ruby Interface for Data Stores

The DataMapper ORM library lets Ruby developers effortlessly plug into a wide variety of data stores. Get a demo of this powerful tool.

Mobile Web Development Frameworks: The JavaScript Roundup

Learn the key features and advantages of the leading JavaScript-driven mobile development frameworks: jQuery Mobile, jQTouch and Sencha Touch.

Building an Ajax-friendly REST API with Sinatra

Sinatra uses a compact syntax, allowing you to create succinct yet immediately understandable APIs in Ruby.

PhoneGap: Building Native Mobile Apps with HTML, JavaScript and CSS

How does a traditional Web developer bridge the technical gap between Web and mobile environments? Enter PhoneGap.

MVC Mobile Web Development with Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a mobile Web application framework with a unique set of compelling features based largely on HTML5 and CSS3.

jQTouch: Mobile Web Development with a Shallow Learning Curve

With the jQTouch plugin, Web developers can build mobile Web applications that overcome the unique challenges presented by mobile environments.

Top 8 JavaScript Projects You May Not Know

Incredible innovation and experimentation is happening in the JavaScript space. These eight cutting-edge JavaScript experiments are changing the language in profound ways.

Introducing JavaScript Templating with Handlebars.js

The JavaScript-based Handlebars.js template engine can deftly inject data stored in a JavaScript object into a template.

Shopify for Simplified E-Commerce Web Projects

Shopify, a hosted e-commerce application, greatly simplifies creating and launching an online store that integrates into a business' existing infrastructure.

Testing JavaScript Code with Jasmine

Need an automated solution for running your JavaScript tests? Meet Jasmine.

Getting Started with the Blueprint CSS Framework

Blueprint CSS, the open source CSS framework, frees Web developers from making Web design decisions.

Top 10 JavaScript Libraries, Frameworks and Tools for Web Developers

These 10 open source JavaScript projects vastly increase the language's capabilities while minimizing the pain of implementing complicated Web application features.

Implement Data Indexing and Search with Lucene and Solr

Indexing and searching data stored across multiple file formats? Try the powerful combination of the Lucene search library and the Solr search application.

Charting Amazon Sales Ranks with the Grafico

The Grafico JavaScript charting library offers an incredibly easy way to create visually appealing charts. This tutorial shows you how to get started using this powerful solution.

Top 7 JavaScript Tools for Web Game Programming

Interested in building Web-based games? Check out these seven useful resources guaranteed to help you get started.

Object-Oriented JavaScript Demystified

Learn how to use JavaScript's prototype-based approach to object-orientation to create classes, methods and properties.

The Clojure Tutorial for Clojure Newbies

You've heard the buzz about the Clojure programming language. Learn how to begin experimenting with this powerful Lisp dialect.

Developing Web Applications for the iPad

Learn how to create Web-based applications that run seamlessly on the iPad and then how to integrate them into the iPad interface.

CoffeeScript: Create Optimized JavaScript Code Without Touching JavaScript

With CoffeeScript, Web developers can write programs that compile into succinct and highly optimized JavaScript.

Taking Control of the Google Maps API V3 Controls

The Google Maps API V3 controls provide developers with a great deal of flexibility, both in how they are presented and whether they appear at all.

10 Powerful PDT Tools, Tips and Tricks for PHP Developers

If you're a PHP Developer Tools (PDT) user, these 10 tips will make you a much more efficient PHP developer on Eclipse.

Managing Persistent Data with Doctrine 2 PHP ORM

The PHP object-relational mapper Doctrine 2 offers expansive capabilities for effectively managing data and relations.

Video: Testing Your Web Forms with Zend_Test and PHPUnit

Learn two easy ways to begin testing your Zend Framework forms using PHPUnit and the Zend_Test component.

3 SQL Join Concepts to Help You Choose the Right Join

Conceptualizing your desired data's relationship with database tables will quickly help you determine which type of SQL join to use.

10 Git Version Control Utilities to Make You More Effective

Want to manage your code repositories more effectively? These 10 utilities for the Git version control system will do the trick.

Video: An Exploration of PHP's Object-Oriented Features

This video introduction to PHP's object-oriented features explores creating class hierarchies through inheritance, class abstraction, and managing arrays of objects.

Introducing Node.js: JavaScript for Massively Concurrent Apps

With Node.js, JavaScript has emerged as one of the solutions to the challenges surrounding building massively concurrent applications.

Top 10 Features in CSS 3

Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) eventually will become the Web standard for stylizing presentational markup. Here are 10 reasons why.

9 More Experimental PHP Projects to Check Out

These nine cutting-edge PHP development projects bring the PHP language to everything from Android to Apple's Cocoa to Ruby.

10 Ways Git Version Control Can Streamline Your Writing Projects

The Git version control system offers a fantastic set of features for completing writing projects in a fast, efficient and organized way.

10 PEAR Packages for Every PHP Developer's Toolbox

The PHP Extension and Application Repository, or PEAR, is a treasure trove of high-quality PHP libraries. These 10 are particularly powerful.

jQuery Mobile for Device-agnostic Mobile Web Applications

Even in alpha, jQuery Mobile promises to help developers build mobile Web applications that can work seamlessly on the wide array of available devices.

Nine New-ish jQuery Features Worth Trying

These nine recent jQuery features cover everything from mobile development to testing to HTML 5.

Creating Custom Google Maps Markers

The Google Maps API V3 offers incredibly easy customization features, including the ability to substitute the default map markers with custom versions you can seamlessly integrate into your website.

10 Command-line Timesavers for MySQL Tasks

Whether you pick and choose or apply all 10, these MySQL command-line tips will save you a great deal of time and effort.

The 10 Most Popular DIY Wiki Projects

Interested in deploying your own Wiki? Check out these 10 commercial and open source Wiki products for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and .NET.

Mining Amazon.com Catalog Data with Ruby

The Ruby/AWS library lets you integrate Amazon's Product Advertising API -- an interface for mining Amazon's enormous product catalog -- into your Web applications.

Introducing the Google Maps JavaScript API V3

Key changes in version 3 of the Google Maps API affect the way you write location-based scripts and upgrade existing Version 2 applications.

Ten Tips for Getting the Most from the Zend Framework

The Zend Framework can ease your PHP development, but mastering its nuances can take a while. These 10 productivity tips will save you some time.

Quercus: Bring Java's Power to Your PHP Development (and Vice Versa)

With Quercus, PHP and Java developers can mix and match the respective capabilities of both languages.

Top 10 PHP Tools for Boosting Productivity

These 10 productivity-boosting PHP development tools will free you from menial, repetitive tasks, making you more efficient.

Using the SimplePie PHP Library to Build a Custom RSS Aggregator

The powerful SimplePie PHP library makes building a rudimentary custom RSS aggregator easy.

10 Experimental PHP Projects Pushing the Envelope

These 10 PHP development projects prove that experimentation in the PHP community is as strong as ever.

Build a URL Shortener with jQuery, PHP and MySQL

Building a link-shortening service is a fun and educational way to get acquainted with the intricacies of creating a functional, Ajax-enhanced website.

Video: Connecting to Twitter Using the Zend Framework

Zend Framework's Twitter component makes it trivial to perform tasks such as posting updates to your Twitter account and retrieving the latest updates from your contacts. See it in action.

10 Number-based Examples for Deciphering PHP Regular Expressions

PHP regular expression syntax can be almost indecipherable. Using these 10 examples, you can construct even complex PHP regular expressions with ease.

Create Tag Clouds with the Zend Framework's Zend_Tag_Cloud Component

Tag clouds empower website users to help organize the site's content. Luckily for PHP developers, the Zend Framework has a component for those.

Add Refactoring to Your PHP Development with MySQL Stored Procedures and Views

Integrating MySQL stored procedures and views into your PHP development can go a long way towards separating web site logic from the domain model.

Simple User Authentication with Apache and MySQL

Need a simple way to manage access to your Web content? The open source Apache Web server and MySQL database have everything you need.

Top 10 CSS Tools for the Design-challenged Web Developer

Writing CSS code can be a bear for Web developers. These ten CSS tools and frameworks can make the development process much easier.

7 Popular Open Source Projects for .NET Developers

Get an introduction to seven open source solutions embraced by millions of .NET developers around the globe.

Video: Storing Blobs in Microsoft Azure with the Zend Framework

Learn the fundamentals behind storing BLOBs within the Windows Azure cloud using the Zend Framework's Zend_Service_WindowsAzure component.

MongoDB Delivers NoSQL Flexibility and Scalability to Developers

The NoSQL database MongoDB is on the rise because of its flexibility and scalability. Find out how to implement MongoDB in your Web development.

Doctrine: Object Relational Mapping for Your PHP Development

Use Doctrine, the open source object-relational mapper, to map database tables to PHP objects.

10 Git Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Making the switch from the CVS or Subversion version control system to Git? These 10 pointers will make for a smooth transition.

10 Easy String Manipulation Solutions for Your PHP Development

Choosing the best string manipulation function for your PHP development task can be a chore. Here are the ideal solutions to 10 common string-related tasks.

Zen Coding and the Art of Rapid HTML Authoring

The powerful new Zen Coding IDE plugin allows developers to write HTML with blazing speed.

10 Simple Security Tasks for Locking Down Your LAMP Website

These 10 powerful security procedures will help protect your Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP-driven website against common attacks.

Managing Zend Framework Layouts

The Zend Framework offers a lot of layout flexibility. Learn some fundamentals of managing layouts within your Zend Framework-driven applications.

10 Ways to Find the Web Elements You're Looking For with jQuery

With jQuery's powerful selector syntax, you can find any conceivable element in a Web page.

Creating Complex, Secure Web Forms with PHP and HTML_QuickForm2

Add the HTML_QuickForm2 PEAR package to your PHP development for streamlined HTML forms creation and validation.

Ten Linux Commands Every Web Developer Should Know

Learn 10 indispensable Linux commands that can make web development work much easier and even more enjoyable.

Firebug: Add Browser-based Debugging to Your Ajax Development

Tired of troublesome debugging techniques in your Ajax development? Check out Firebug, a Firefox extension that makes JavaScript debugging almost fun.

Video: Analyzing MySQL Queries with EXPLAIN

The MySQL EXPLAIN statement provides insight into MySQL's query execution plans. This video demonstrates how you can use this powerful feature to boost your MySQL database performance.

Top 10 Lightweight Frameworks for PHP Development

The major frameworks can be overkill for many PHP development projects. These 10 lightweight solutions have minimal resource and time requirements.

Introducing DotNetNuke, the Open Source, .NET-driven CMS

Learn all about DotNetNuke, the world's most popular content management system built atop ASP.NET -- and it's open source.

Top 10 JavaScript Solutions for Converting Dull Data Sets into Slick Charts

These 10 powerful JavaScript-based solutions can transform your boring data sets into colorful, interactive charts.

The NetBeans IDE for PHP Development

The NetBeans IDE boasts a series of great features that can cut time and pain from your PHP development process.

Search Google Books with the Zend Framework's Zend_Gdata Component

Learn how to search Google's vast books database using the Zend Framework's powerful Zend_Gdata component.

Connecting Your Zend Framework Application to Microsoft Azure

Store your PHP application data in the cloud using the Zend Framework and Microsoft Azure.

Elevate Your PHP Development with PHP 5.3's Powerful New Features

PHP 5.3 delivers several powerful new features to the PHP development world. Explore a few of the most notable, including namespaces, closures, and new ternary syntax.

Video: Creating Dialogs with jQuery

Learn how to create a variety of powerful and visually appealing dialog windows using jQuery.

ExpressionEngine Enhances PHP Content Management with Framework Flexibility

The stability of PHP content management with the flexibility of a web framework, that's what the ExpressionEngine PHP CMS has to offer.

The Basics of SQL Joins in MySQL

SQL JOINs can help you retrieve interrelated data stored in multiple tables from your MySQL (or really any relational) database.

The Google Maps API's Top 10 Under-the-Radar Enhancements

Enhance your Google Maps API-driven applications using these 10 little-known yet powerful tips.

Create Custom Google Analytics Interfaces Using PHP

Learn how to build custom traffic analysis interfaces using PHP, the Google Analytics Data Export API, and the Google Analytics API PHP interface.

Creating Custom Overlays with the Google Maps API

The Google Maps API's custom overlay features let you represent spatial data encompassing large distances. Learn how to use them.

The Top 10 jQuery Plugins for the JavaScript-Weary

Use these 10 powerful jQuery plugins to enhance your web site UI with usability improvements and some eye candy!

Five Indispensable MySQL Tools

Use these powerful tools to increase your MySQL development productivity.

Five Fabulous PHP Frameworks

Turbocharge your PHP development with these five fantastic frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, DooPHP, Symfony, and Zend.

Meet Git, the Version Control System for Developers Who Like Ease

Meet Git, an open-source version control system that reduces rather than adds to the overhead of managing a software project.

The Top Five PHP Content Management Systems

Interested in what PHP has to offer for content management systems? This article introduces you to five powerful CMS solutions and provides real-world examples for each.

Video: Plotting Map Markers Dynamically Using the Google Maps API, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL

Learn how to add Google Maps markers and store their coordinates in a database using a blend of jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

The Firefox Web Developer Toolbar Maximizes Your Productivity

Web developers, the powerful Firefox Web Developer Toolbar add-in can send your productivity soaring.

Create a Unit Conversion Application with the Zend_Measure Component

Learn how to create a simple conversion calculator using the Zend Framework's Zend_Measure component. Converting between the world's measurement units will never be easier.

Video: Passing Data Between PHP and JavaScript Using JSON

Build powerful AJAX-driven Web applications by passing data between the client and server using PHP, JavaScript and the JSON data format.

Create Your Own Store Locator with Google Maps, PHP, and MySQL

Provide your visitors with a Google Maps API-based service that allows them to view map locations in and around their zip codes.

Mitigate the Security Risks of PHP System Command Execution

Learn how the security-conscious ways to integrate your PHP-driven web sites with the underlying operating system.

Date Manipulation with PHP

Let PHP's powerful array of date-related features ease the often ugly task of date formatting and manipulation.

Create Custom Web-based Graphs with the Google Chart API and PHP

Presenting data visually can quickly reveal crucial trends. Learn how to use the Google Chart API in conjunction with PHP to create a variety of useful charts.

Practical PHP: Sending E-mail

PHP's native capabilities for sending e-mail make e-mail distribution from your web site a breeze. Learn how to use one of PHP's most practical features.

Creating Draggable Markers with the Google Maps API

Using the combined power of the Google Maps API, jQuery, and PHP, you can manipulate marker positions and save the updated coordinates to your local database with ease!

Parsing XML with Hpricot, a Gem of a Ruby Gem

Take heart XML-weary Ruby developers, Ruby's powerful Hpricot library can parse and manipulate XML with amazing flexibility and ease.

Fat Models and Skinny Controllers Bring Out the Best in Your MVC Framework

Using an MVC framework? Pack the model with as much data-related logic as possible while maintaining a streamlined controller. You'll produce cleaner, more maintainable code.

Forms Processing with the Zend Framework

Processing user-supplied form data can be fraught with errors. Not so with the Zend Framework! This tutorial shows you how to use the Zend Framework's Zend_Validate component to easily and conveniently validate complex form data.

Managing User Accounts with the Zend Framework

The Zend_Auth component, part of the Zend Framework, provides a mechanism for authenticating users in your web apps. Jason Gilmore will show you how use this robust component to give users the ability to create their own accounts.

Managing File Uploads with the Zend Framework

Creating the next great community-driven Website? Using the Zend Framework, you can validate and manage your users' file uploads with ease. Read on to learn how.

Amazon Web Services and the Zend Framework

Build powerful product-driven websites by using the Zend Framework to plug in to the vast Amazon.com database.

Adding Google Maps To Your Rails Applications

Web-based mapping solutions are in high demand these days. Learn how to take advantage of the Google Maps API and YM4R/GM plugin to add mapping capabilities to your Rails applications!

Rails 2: The Top Five Features List

Rails 2.0 was released with great fanfare in early December. Get acquainted with some of the popular framework's newest features.

Advanced Active Record Validations with Rails

Use Rails' Active Record validation callbacks to exercise greater control over user input.

Avoiding Data Corruption with Rails' Active Record Validations

Use Rails' Active Record validations feature to filter user input with ease.

Managing MySQL Table Relations with Rails' Active Record Association Types

Rails' Active Record association types make table relationship management a snap. Learn how to use this powerful feature to manage complex MySQL table relations more effectively than ever before!

SQLite: The Sensible Database Solution

Take a look at SQLite, a fully featured relational database which, at just 250KB, is by itself able to easily fit on a floppy disk yet capable of managing terabyte-sized databases. You also will see how it works with PHP.

Build Multi-lingual Websites With the Zend Framework

Would you like to broaden your site's exposure beyond an English speaking audience? See how the Zend framework can help you easily complete that task.

Add Mapping Technology To Your Work

The technology has arrived. These articles will show you how to take advantage of it.

Open Source Java Causing Tremors in San Francisco

If you are not at JavaOne this year here is your chance to learn about the opening announcements.

Creating a Code Search Engine with PHP and MySQL

Learn how to build a search engine where you can store a fairly significant amount of text within a MySQL database then extract and display parts of that text in a browser.

Four Ways to Optimize Your MySQL Database

See how you can make your MySQL database absolutely scream!

Integrating MP3 Audio Messages Into Your Website

Discover a great open source solution for recording your MP3 files and learn how to give your users control over the playback of your tastefully embedded audio messages.

Developing a Ajax-driven Shopping Cart with PHP and Prototype

Create an Ajax-enabled shopping cart in very few lines of code, thanks to the power of PHP and the Prototype JavaScript library.

Forms Validation with Symfony and Prototype

Looking for a new framework solution? Try symfony. Specifically, learn how symfony's built-in support for the Prototype JavaScript framework can greatly enhance the user experience within your applications.

Forms Validation with CakePHP

Frameworks such as CakePHP can handle even the most tedious aspects of web application development, user input validation included.

Scaffolding with CakePHP - Managing Your Fantasy Football Team

Just as with buildings CakePHP Scaffolding is a great way of setting up the early parts of developing a web application.

Performing HTTP Geocoding with the Google Maps API

Use the HTTP request method in conjunction with PHP, culminating with an example involving the geocoding of numerous addresses for storage in a MySQL database

Introducing Google's Geocoding Service

Google has added geocoding capabilities to its Maps API. What's more, this feature isn't limited to the U.S.; street-level geocoding is also offered for Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain! This tutorial shows you how to use this new feature, further streamlining your use of this wonderful API.

This Year's Buzz in Web Services

Can the company that transformed its name into a commonly used verb beat out the other Web Services?

Building a Geocoding Web Service

Make a geocoding database available to the world through a Perl-driven web service. Then, to demonstrate the service, a PHP web services client talks to this Perl service to retrieve coordinates for a given mailing address, and then passes those coordinates to the Google Maps API to create the appropriate map.

Build Your Own Geocoding Solution with Geo::Coder::US

Create a database allowing you to pinpoint the vast majority of mailing addresses throughout the United States, opening up the possibility to create any number of spatial applications.

Retrieving Map Location Coordinates

Discover how to retrieve map coordinates using the geocoder.us Web services and PHP.

Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications

Create applications that are as rich and responsive as any desktop-based application, but with the added advantage of accessibility via the ubiquitous web browser with the use of AJAX and the Google Maps API.

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