May 26, 2019
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The Technology Behind the OpenStack Cloud Computing Project

Go inside OpenStack, the NASA and Rackspace joint effort to provide common, open cloud computing software.

Combining Hibernate Cache and Ehcache for Better Java Scalability

Combine Hibernate second-level cache, Ehcache and Spring to greatly improve the scalability of your enterprise Java applications.

The Django Framework's Killer Feature for Java Developers

Find out why the Python-based framework's automatic admin interface is a killer feature for Java shops.

Mockito: Java Unit Testing with Mock Objects

Run a Java test with less overhead than integration tests and no need to deploy the service you're testing on a running Web container.

A Test-Driven Development Stack for Java: Maven, Jetty, Mockito, and JAX-RS

Learn how to integrate different open source Java tools (Maven, Jetty, Mockito, and JAX-RS—with Spring to tie them all together) into one coherent and productive test-driven development (TDD) stack.

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