July 24, 2019
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Hannes du Preez is an ex MVP for Visual Basic from 2008 to 2017. He loves technology and loves Visual Basic and C#. He loves writing articles and proving that Visual Basic is more powerful than what most believe. You are most welcome to reach him at: ojdupreez1978[at]gmail[dot]com

Introduction to Azure Serverless

After reading this article, you'll be far more proficient working with the Azure Serverless Framework.

Big Data and Azure

Learn to integrate Big Data into your Azure endeavors.

.NET Framework 5: The New Future

With .NET 5 on the horizon, you're probably excited to hear what it will contain.

Using the Internet of Things in .NET

Explore what you can do in the world of IoT with Microsoft and the .NET Framework.

Machine Learning in .NET

Discover Machine Learning (ML) and how you can make use of ML.NET in your .NET apps for machine learning purposes.

Creating a Windows Service and Installer

Take control of using Windows Services. Examples are in C# and VB.NET.

Developer Testing Sites

Explore four top-rated sites to improve your testing skills.

Enterprise Development Update

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