June 25, 2019
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End Ambiguous Dependencies Errors with CDI Qualifiers

The CDI qualifiers in Java EE 6 allow you to qualify an injection point to specify exactly which bean must be injected.

Get Ready for Java 7 with the Free JDK 7 Reference Card

Get an at-a-glance look at all the information you need to prepare for and use the Java SE 7 Platform Specification (aka Java 7 or JDK 7).

FPDF: PDF Creation and Manipulation in PHP

FPDF provides PDF manipulation capabilities in PHP at open source prices. Find out how to use this single-class PHP enhancement.

Java EE 6 Deployment Flexibility with CDI and the @Alternative Annotation

Using the CDI @Alternative annotation, you can configure your Java EE 6 application for different deployments.

Using Maven to Build a NetBeans 6.9 CRUD Application

Use the NetBeans 6.9 Maven support to create a new NetBeans Platform application with CRUD capabilities.

NASA 'Middleware for Metadata' Becomes Top-level Apache Project

The OODT (Object-Oriented Data Technology) project earns top-level status on the strength of its potential for open source semantic middleware.

PHP Command Line Scripting: Run Scripts from the Shell

Run PHP and Zend Framework scripts from the command line whenever you need to run scripts from the shell.

The New Features in PHP 5 Constructors and Destructors

The new OOP features in PHP 5 offer new features for constructors and destructors. Learn how to write almost any kind of constructor for your PHP 5 classes.

The Lofty, Vendor-agnostic Goals of the Simple Cloud API

The Simple Cloud API is designed to provide a single, simple, interoperable API for multiple cloud services and multiple cloud providers.

Building a Java-based Mail Relay for the SAAS Model

Use Java and open source technologies to create a custom mail relay in a SAAS environment.

IBM and Oracle's Surprising Alliance on OpenJDK: The IBM Perspective

Most observers viewed the Oracle-IBM alliance on OpenJDK as a positive development for the future of Java, but what are the implications?

56 Mature Open Source Alternatives to Popular Web Development Tools

These 56 open source Web development tools can capably replace the commercial tools you use for content management, coding, layout and more.

Application-centric Cloud Management for J2EE Apps

Find out what application-centric management is and how to apply it to J2EE applications in the cloud.

Top 10 Associative Array Tips for PHP

Here are 10 tips and tricks for effectively manipulating arrays within PHP applications.

The ABCs of JPA: An Introduction to the Java Persistence API

Learn the benefits and architecture of the Java Persistence API (JPA), and then find out how it works and how to implement it.

JCP Passes Java Specs Despite Apache's Objections to Oracle Licensing

The Java Community Process approves Java 7 and Java 8 with the Oracle licensing that had Apache crying foul. Now what?

A JMX Timer MBean Solution in 6 Easy Steps

Build a JMX timer MBean solution using this six-step approach. You'll rapidly implement an enterprise-level system that delivers scalability and reliability on par with SOA.

Android Is Closer to Windows Phone 7 Than Developers May Think

The differences between Android and Windows Phone 7 are mostly skin deep, so enterprising Android developers can port their current apps over to Windows Phone 7.

PHP Caching Made Easy with Zend Framework Component

The Zend Framework's Zend_Cache component is an easy way to implement PHP caching, a sure site performance booster.

Apache Directory Studio: Simplified LDAP for Java Developers on Eclipse

For Java developers who need to perform some LDAP manipulation and use Eclipse, the Apache Directory Studio plugins can come in very handy.

Implement the Singleton Pattern in PHP Without Taking a Performance Hit

Design patterns in PHP can lead to performance issues if improperly implemented. Learn the right way to do it.

Which Certification Is Right for You, Vendor-neutral or Vendor-specific?

You can go vendor-neutral or vendor-specific for your developer certification. Which is the better option?

Top 10 PHP Productivity Tools for Testing and Debugging

Check out these 10 wide-ranging testing and debugging utilities that can make any PHP developer more productive.

Developer.com: Short Audience Survey

Complete this brief developer survey below to enable us to better satisfy your specific information needs.

Three Steps to Zen for the Overworked Developer

Any developer who survives a layoff usually faces a significant increase in workload. These three immediate steps can improve a developer's work situation after others are let go.

PHP Filter Extension: Plug the User Input Security Hole

Validate and sanitize user input in PHP applications using the Filter extension, an official part of the PHP distribution as of the 5.2.0 release.

MVC Basics for the PHP Developer

Here's everything a PHP developer needs to know about MVC -- the Model-View-Controller pattern -- in the simplest possible way.

The Fantastic Four of PHP Debugging Techniques

These four powerful PHP debugging solutions are guaranteed to have an immediate impact on any PHP developer's productivity.

How a Java Developer Can Build a Windows Phone 7 Application

Want more distribution for your Java mobile app? Learn how to translate your Java skills onto the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Oracle Continues Java Developer Training with Certification Programs

Some have worried how Oracle might manage Sun assets such as its Java developer education programs. Find out how Oracle laid those fears to rest.

Top 5 Rails Frameworks for Building Social Networks

These five Rails-based frameworks will help you get your social network built -- even with a modest budget and tight deadlines.

5 Tips for Acing the IBM WebSphere App Server Admin Course

Taking the IBM WebSphere Application Server Administration course but lack Java experience? Get 5 tips for success from an IT professional who teaches the course.

Taking Apache Tomcat 7 for a Test Drive

Tomcat 7 has been available in beta for a little while. What are you waiting for? Now is the time as any to try it out.

Add Activity Feeds and Media to a Rails-based Social Network

Using Ruby on Rails and plugins, you can generate activity feeds and enable users to add photo and video media to a social network.

How Training Got Me from Co-op Student to Java Solution Architect

A Java developer discusses the years of certification, training and development that have shaped his career -- and the lessons he learned along the way.

Test article: Rails 3

Video: Developing Custom Zend Framework View Helpers

Learn how to configure, create and execute a Zend Framework custom view helper within a Zend Framework application.

60 Great Open Source Products for the Developer's Toolbox

Even if you think you know all the great open source developer tools out there, you're bound to make a discovery or two on this list.

Create User Profiles and Admin Panel on a Rails-based Social Networking Application

Learn how to implement user profile creation and an administrator panel for a Ruby on Rails-based social network.

Create User Profiles and Admin Panel to a Rails-based Social Networking Application

Learn how to implement user profile creation and an administrator panel for a Ruby on Rails-based social network.

Vim for PHP Development: How to Get Started

Learns the Vim command sequences that can make writing and managing PHP scripts amazingly fast.

Video: Implement Git Version Control in 11 Minutes

See how to use the Git version control system to manage your project's source code with ease and agility.

The 5 Intangibles That Get Developers Hired

What are the intangible, often unwritten qualities that hiring managers want in their developer candidates? Read on to find out.

Subversion vs. Git: Choosing the Right Open Source Version Control System

Subversion and Git are the most popular open source version control systems, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Which one is right for you?

5 Developer Certifications That Are Worth It

Find out which certs offer developers the most professional relevance and career advancement potential.

The 5 Developer Certifications You'll Wish You Had in 2015

Predicting which IT certifications will be valuable in the future is never easy, but these five certs show promise for tomorrow.

Release Roundup, Jan. '10: New Year, New Gear for Java/Open Source Developers

From usual suspects like Apache, Google and Sun and some lesser-known players, January 2010 brought a steady stream of code releases for Java and open source developers' toolboxes.

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We launched a new daily newsletter to provide one-stop coverage of all the Java and Open Source information that matters to you.

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