October 20, 2017
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Creating Java Web Applications for Sending Embedded Images

Find a better way to send images within your emails.

Creating an Interactive 3D world with C# and DirectX

The advent of new features in DirectX have given a boost to the way 3D applications are coded. See how easy it is to create a 3D scene with DirectX 9.0 API and a 3D Engine.

Securing Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Learn about Virtual Private Networks, the demand of today's growing networks, and its endangered security.

Designing a Broadcast Messenger Using Socket Programming in Java

Create a server that is responsible for receiving and responding to messages that are received on the network.

A Comparison of Voice Technologies (VoIP, VoFR, and VoATM)

Among the three packet-switching technologies, comparison and evaluation of the best is a difficult job because each one of them is suitable in different environments and needs of a network.

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