October 21, 2017
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The Vector Markup Language (Part II)

Rusty Elliotte Harold continues his coverage of VML in thi ssecond of two parts. This part includes coverage on how to position VML shapes with CSS properties,

The Vector Markup Language (Part I)

Microsoft's Vector Markup Language (VML) is an XML application for vector graphics that can be embedded in Web pages in place of the bitmapped GIF and JPEG images loaded by HTML's IMG element. Vector graphics take up less space and thus di

Well-Formed XML

Since XML is more powerful than HTML, you might think that you need to learn even more elements, but you dont. XML gets its power through simplicity and extensibility, not through a plethora of elements. Well-formed XML is critical in order to maintain the accuracy of your information. Elliotte Rusty Harold presents guidelines for creating well-formed XML.

Well-Formed HTML

Real-world Web pages are extremely sloppy. Well-formed HTML is HTML that adheres to XML's well-formedness constraints but only uses standard HTML tags. Well-formed HTML is easier to read than the sloppy HTML most humans and WYSIWYG tools such as FrontPage write. Elliotte Rusty Harold presents guidelines for creating well-formed HTML.

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