November 18, 2017
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Edmon Begoli is a software architect with 14 years of professional experience on large commercial and public software projects. He is member of the R&D Staff with Oak Ridge National. Reach Edmon by e-mail at ebegoli(at)fedoraproject.org.

Using the New Python 3.2 Concurrent Programming Features

A new module in Python 3.2 simplifies thread and process submission, results handling, synchronization of execution and worker threads/process pooling.

Scala vs. F#, Round 2: Application Programming Features

How do Scala and F# compare when it comes to application development features such as frameworks, object orientation, and runtime properties?

Scala vs. F#: Comparing Functional Programming Features

Get a concise comparative review of the most essential functional programming features in F# and Scala.

Anatomy of a Google Go Program

Get an introduction to a concurrent, file-processing program written in Google's Go language.

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