May 27, 2019
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Java Needs to Get a Pair (and a Triple...)

Options for returning multiple parameters in Java are limited. Discover a good way to get around this limitation.

The Google Collections Library, An Update

It's an unpredictable world! Who would have guessed that within a day of the Google Collections Library article being published, a snapshot update was released that affected some of the samples. Here is a quick update on the new snapshot, and the differences in the API.

The Google Collections Library

The Google collections library has the potential to both increase your productivity and significantly clean up your code. Take a look at what it can do for you!

Squeezing More Guice from Your Tests with EasyMock

Go further with Guice, but also learn why it isn't the answer to everything and how you can use it effectively with other techniques. Also learn why Guice and EasyMock make such a great combination for testing.

Guicing Up Your Testing

Explore ways to use Guice to eliminate dependencies on slow implementations when unit testing an object and replace those slow implementations with faster fake ones.

A Final Report on JavaOne 2007

Looking for a thorough overview of what happened at JavaOne 2007? Here is a review of events and links to key areas of interest.

Oracle XE: It's Not Your Typical Oracle

Dick Wall takes a look at Oracle XE and is surprisingly please with what he finds for developers.

Building Java GUIs with Matisse: A Gentle Introduction

In NetBeans 5.0 a new option is available — Matisse is Java UI building done right.

Java Studio Creator 2 Offers Across the Board Improvement

Learn what's new with the release of Sun's Java Studio Creator 2, a Rapid Application Development environment for constructing Web-based clients around existing databases, Web services, EJBs, or other Java class libraries.

A Well Deserved Victory for an Unsung Hero: Development Utility of the Year 2006

The great thing about this category is that, unlike the tools or some of the more specific categories, development utility of the year can encompass many options, large and small, from any source. Find out which product won this year.

The Java Tool/Add In of the Year Winner Outshines the Rest

Collect details on the winner as well as the other finalists in this category.

Solaris Enterprise - A New Free Alternative

Dick Wall discusses the release of Solaris Enterprise and what all this free software means to Sun and the developer community.

Sun Java Studio Creator Q&A: Part 2

Dick Wall and Dan Roberts, Director of Marketing, Developer Tools, continue their discussion on future technologies and features of Sun Java Studio Creator.

The Best Things In Life Are Free: Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.0

Sun announced the release of Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.0 at JavaOne Tokyo. Here you can find out the details and what they mean to developers.

Simplifying Software Development

Too much to do and too little time? Complexity is often a problem of our own manufacture. Take some tips on simplifying the development process.

Who Says EJB 2.1 is Too Hard?

The EJB 2.1 architecture has a reputation of complexity, but this need not be the case. In this article, Dick Wall proposes an approach of aggressively using IDE tools to help simplify development and increase productivity when using EJBs.

Groovy Development

Delve into the incredibly powerful Groovy scripting language (aka JSR-241) that will be incorporated into the Java 6 SDK and runs on top of the JVM. This is definitely a tool you will want to include in your programming arsenal.

Building a J2ME Application in NetBeans 4.1

Write a Java Mobile Edition Application quickly and easily using NetBeans 4.1 and the Mobility Pack.

Reflection on JavaOne 2005

Dick Wall feels that this is a great time to be a Java Developer. After returning from vacation, he hits the highlights of the conference and then delves into serveral products of particular interest.

Sun Java Studio Creator Q&A: Part 1

Discover what Dan Roberts, Director of Marketing, Developer Tools at Sun has to say about Java Studio Creator.

Binding to MySQL in Java Studio Creator

Discover how to use MySQL within Creator. Walk through the installation, adding an example database, setting up a MySQL data source, and creating a demo creator application.

Using Javascript Components in Java Studio Creator

Discover how you can draw on the wealth of ready-made Javascript Components and Libraries within Java Studio Creator to create a richer and more complete user interface experience.

Extend Your Java Studio Creator Options with JSTL

Discover how to use the JSP Standard Template Library (JSTL) to dynamically create useful tags for manipulating data in Java Studio Creator.

Consuming and Binding EJBs and Data in Creator

Discover how to use EJBs and the data returned from them to bind into on-page controls within Sun Java Studio Creator. See a number of basic approaches covered for binding in the data, and some specific details and notes on that usage within Creator.

Deploying and Consuming EJBs in Java Studio Creator

For use of a EJB API in Creator, there are really two distinct operations: deploying the EJB API, and deploying any support libraries needed for that API. Discover how to do both before consuming that EJB.

Integrating Sun Java Studio Creator Into Your Development Process

Discover the steps necessary to create an API based on Session EJBs suitable for use in a Creator project, using tools other than Creator either already in use at your workplace, or suitable for the task.

Working with Sun Java Studio Creator

Learn how Sun Java Studio Creator (formally known as Rave) fared when put to the test by a lead systems engineer's test drive.

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