May 26, 2019
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David Talbot is the vice president of development for Data Systems International, a company that develops case-management software for the social services industry. His experience ranges from license-plate recognition using neural networks to te

The Key to AI Automation: Human-Machine Interfaces

Machine intelligence is enabling banks to automate more tasks than ever before. The key to making these technologies successful is effective human interfaces.

The Value of Doing APIs Right: A Look at the SiriKit API Demoware

Siri is getting its own API, and this might open up new visas for its use.

Top 10 Design Tips for Web Apps

Your web app's UI needs help! Get on the road to more usable web apps with these top 10 design tips for web apps.

10 Key Design Tips for Great Mobile Apps

Writing a mobile app for Android or iOS is easy but designing a great mobile app can be a challenge. Learn how to write better mobile apps with these 10 quick tips!

Get Started Building with Adobe PhoneGap

Take your web app skills mobile with Adobe PhoneGap's cloud build service!

Six Tips for More Responsive Cordova Apps

Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!

Getting Started Building with Intel XDK New

The Intel XDK New is quickly becoming a very popular option to create HTML5 installed apps on mobile using Apache Cordova. David Talbot shows you how easy it is to get started.

Stop Innovating UX!

When it comes to building highly usable web apps, it's time to put on the brakes and stop innovating!

6 Tips for Better Mobile Web Forms

Today's web is on the move. Build a better mobile experience for your forms with these 6 quick tips!

Taming Android with HTML5: Why HTML5 is a Great Choice for Android Development

Androids are everywhere! Because Android devices come in all shapes, sizes, CPUs and versions, building applications can be tough. HTML5 can help to tame the complexity, while also giving you the ability to port to other platforms as well!

Designing for Universal Portability

Chrome Packaged Apps are the perfect place to start building your app to be installed on every kind of device from Chromebooks, to Android, to iOS and more!

Using the File API Outside the Sandbox in Chrome Packaged Apps

Sure you know how to read and write files in the sandbox using a standard file API. Learn how to step outside the sandbox and work with files anywhere on the disk!

Synchronized Storage Between Multiple Computers with Chrome Sync

Share data between instances of your Chrome packaged App on multiple computers using the chrome.storage.sync api.

Toast Notifications in Chrome Packaged Apps

Learn how to grab your user's attention by adding "Toast" style notifications to your Chrome Packaged Apps!

Let's Get Dangerous: Security and Sandboxing in Chrome Packaged Apps

Chrome Packaged Apps allow you to access secure APIs that other apps can only dream of, but with that phenomenal cosmic power comes constraints. Learn how to step into the sandbox to safely get some of that power back!

Your First Chrome Packaged App

Get started in minutes creating Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on Chromebooks and desktop computers from the Chrome Web Store!

Chrome Packaged Apps : What are They and How can I Get on the Train?

Chromebooks are popping up everywhere! Learn how to create Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on the Chromium operating system and in Chrome desktop browsers.

10 Tips to Make Your Web App Pages More Printer Friendly

You've crafted an amazing, responsive design covering mobile and web but what about print? Make sure your pages look great everywhere with these 10 quick tips.

Reading and Writing Files in Chrome Installed Applications

Chrome installed applications give you the ability to load and save files from anywhere on the user's disk. Unlock these new capabilities using the chrome.fileSystem API!

Indexes for Big Data - Map/Reduce Explained

Learn how to leverage the magic of Map/Reduce to make your NoSQL data in Couchbase searchable!

Introducing Couchbase: NoSQL for Windows

Scale your application to the sky with the high performance NoSQL Couchbase!

NoSQL for the MSSQL Soul

The buzz around NoSQL solutions has reached stratospheric heights. This buzz has led many Microsoft SQL Server development shops to start looking at how and where a NoSQL solution can fit into their business.

Now Hear This! Notifications in Chrome Installed Applications

Add pop up "Toast" notifications to your Chrome app in minutes! David Talbot shows you how.

From Web to App: Your First Chrome Installed App

David Talbot shows you how to get started in minutes creating powerful offline capable web apps that reach a huge audience on the Chrome Web Store.

4 Magic Tricks For Site Interactivity Without JavaScript!

Most developers think JavaScript is the only way to make their web pages interactive. Not so! Learn 4 quick tips to add interactivity to your site using nothing but CSS. These approaches can make your web pages load faster, react snappier and simplify your code!

Get To Work! Multi-Threaded Magic With Web Workers

Web applications performing heavy processing in-browser typically either prompts a script warning or causes the user interface to become sluggish. Those days are behind you thanks to the heavy multi-threaded lifting in web workers!

Say Cheese! Take and Upload Pictures in Chrome 21

Learn how to take a picture and upload it to your ASP.NET web site using the exciting new getUserMedia() capabilities in Google Chrome!

Deciding on a Microsoft Web Server: Cassini, IIS, and IIS Express

Microsoft recently introduced IIS 7.5 Express to give developers the full feature set of IIS including HTTPS support with the convenience of Cassini. In this article we will discuss Cassini, IIS, and IIS Express and will help you decide which one you should use for a given web project.

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