October 22, 2017
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Mobile Chai

Our 'Beyond the Web' columnist David Fox reports on a super-optimized JVM that lets you run MIDP on WinCE.

.NET at JavaOne

There was little love from the leaders of the Java movement toward Microsoft's new framework for creating Web services, but there were signs of accommodation among some at the conference.

Small Doings at JavaOne: Devices Are Big

Our 'Beyond the Web' columnist returns from the annual show in San Francisco with all the skinny on what's up in the micro world of Java technology on devices.

.NET: Pride and Prejudice

Our 'Hypewatch' columnist explains that it's okay to be involved with two Web development frameworks at the same time, as long as you are realistic about your expectations.

Ringing in the New: A Make or Break Year

Our "Hypewatch" columnist looks at where the big hyperbole may come from and where expectations might meet reality this year -- especially between Java and .NET.

Thin Is In

Our Hypewatch columnist offers up some skinny on what the savvy developer is looking for in a holiday gift, as well as where to get it, cheap.

Hypewatch: Pre-built JSP Tag Libraries

Collections of tags for Java Server Pages can help make life easier for your Web production team if used properly. There are growing numbers of these libraries for both commercial and non-commercial use. Some are even coming under the open source banner.

Hypewatch: Where Developers Fit In

Our columnist finds perspective in understanding how software development has become an integral part of essential services in the modern world.

Hypewatch: SVG Love

Combining Scalable Vector Graphics with Java leads to a multimedia technology that has the potential to rival Flash. Here's the lowdown on where the hype meets reality.

Hypewatch: WebStart for Java

If you want to run the latest Java apps, you need the latest JVM, which requires a tool called WebStart. This can be a problem, though, as users need to install and deploy a large download.

Hypewatch: JavaOne 2001

Our intrepid columnist offers his take on the big show in San Francisco this year.

The Juxtaposition Between Hype and Reality

A new P2P technology called JXTA has received a lot of hyperbole lately. Columnist Fox would like to clear things up a bit.

Is the Anti-Hype Hyper-Critical?

Columnist Fox tackles the ever-mounting irrational gloom affecting the industry from a Java developer's viewpoint.

Hypewatch: Cracking the Transcode

Our series on hype detection and analysis in the world of Java technology continues with this second installment.

Hypewatch: Cracking the Transcode

For moderate-size sites looking to transcode to wireless devices, options abound.

Hypewatch: The Ghost in the Hype Machine

We begin a new column on hype detection and analysis in the world of Java technology.

The NetBeans Open Source Story

Many people have their eyes on NetBeans as a possible indicator of whether Sun will embrace open source for other Java products, or even components of the Java language itself.

Java 2 Micro Edition and the Mobile Information Device Profile

Write wireless networking programs using MIDP and then run them on pretty much every cell phone or handheld device.

Creating Palm Pilot Software Using J2ME

When you're done with this handy tutorial, you'll be able to write Java "Spotlets" on the Palm Pilot.

Java 2 Micro Edition and the Kilobyte Virtual Machine

With J2ME and the KVM, coders who are targeting portable devices such as the Palm Pilot have a lot of tools to use, as well as a lot of questions.

JavaOne 2000: Developer Diary

Part two of David Fox's Java conference coverage.

JavaOne 2000: Developer Diary

Here's one coders adventures in the Land of Duke.

A Quick Little Primer on JMF 2.0

The Java Media Framework is a one-size-fits-all way of easily capturing, processing, converting, and playing media data smack within Java apps.

Advanced Java Game Development: State Data

This second installment focuses on designing game state as an object, deciding how much of the state to actually send over the network, what to store in the game client, and how much responsibility to give the server.

Advanced Java Game Development: Introduction

In this new series, we'll talk about using Java for client/server game networking, ways of enacting smooth high-performance animation using Java, and even analyze a killer game.

JavaOne Diary: Land of the Blind

We rejoin our intrepid conference guide as his travels prove to him that, indeed, the one-eyed man can be king -- sometimes.

JavaOne Diary: Sleepless in San Francisco

It's the biggest developer conference around. So what did this Java developer think of it? Let him tell you for himself.

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