November 21, 2017
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A Book for VB Masters Headed to a New World

Our reviewer sees 'The Book of VB .NET ' as an important read for technical managers preparing their teams for tomorrow's quality software projects.

Book Review: XML for Bosses

The author "sells" managers on the benefits of XML, such as platform-neutral data and multiple presentations of an XML document. In so doing, managers working in all domains should begin to see XML's strengths.

Book Review: A Starting Point for Wireless Java

Java development for mobile devices is relatively new, so a book on wireless Java has to keep pace with a shifting landscape. Does Java 2 Micro Edition manage the trick?

On the Beat: Why Certify (Part 2)

The first three installments of this new column will explore Sun's Java certification for programmers. This month we will discuss preparing for the certification exam. We'll look at Philip Heller's Fast-Path Java Platform Certification course, offered by

On the Beat: Why Certify (Part 1)

We open a new column with a multipart look at the relative merits of becoming a certified Java developer by Sun Microsystems.

Book Review: Know Thy Enemy

An Introductory Look at Internet Security Through a Hacker's Eyes

Demystifying Java security

Conundrums face anyone writing a book on computer security. In our exclusive review of Securing Java: Getting Down to Business with Mobile Code by Gary McGraw and Edward W. Felten, we examine how the authors met the challenges.

Documenting a success: David Skok

In part two of the interview, Skok discusses creating a startup, and shares his views on using Java and other technologies -- including open source software -- to get ahead in the marketplace.

Documenting a success: David Skok

Part two of a two-part interview

David Skok: A documented success

David Skok, chairman and founder of SilverStream, shares his views on future developments in the software industry and the web -- from Java to XML.

David Skok: A documented success

Part one of a two-part interview

The Web Standards Project

Lack of standards-compliance on the Web is the number-one complaint of developers everywhere.

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