June 27, 2019
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Tip: Benefiting from Code Base Standardization

Instead of becoming frustrated with coding conventions and naming, recognize their importance and learn to use them to your benefit.

Tip: The Psychology of Builds

Assess your build situation and discover whether your automation is encouraging or discouraging best practices such as unit testing.

Tip: Eliminate Waste with Simple Design

Stop building architectural components that are never used. Learn to use simple design techniques to develop only what is needed to meet the requirements.

Tip: Use Tiles Decorations; Reduce Configuration

Significantly reduce your tiles configuration by leveraging one of the new features of Tiles2. Using the TilesDecorationFilter will save you significant configuration while providing a consistent look and feel throughout your application.

Tip: Leveraging Struts2 Type Conversion

Type conversion can reduce the amount of heavy lifting required in web application development. Leveraging it will help you to focus on adding business value instead of performing mundane string to object conversions.

TIP: Taking Advantage of Java Generics

Although the syntax can become verbose, Java Generics can help simplify code, express intent, and provide compile time checking of type usage.

TIP: Increase your Productivity

Stop interrupting your thought process by taking control of your committed development time. Increase your productivity by reducing your distractions.

2006 Open Source Product of the Year

Open Source is a large category. This year the winner's spot produced a tie. Those products may not be what most developers think of first when Open Source development is mentioned.

Embedding Apache Pluto

Apache Pluto provides a lightweight container environment for leveraging the Portlet Specification within Web and portal applications. You can embedded the Pluto container within a Web application to support external integration with third parties or within a portal to provide standard portlet application support.

Developing Portlets with Apache Pluto

Discover the advantages of using Pluto (the reference implementation of the Java Portlet Specification (JSR-168) as a portlet development environment and the practical steps needed to set up such an environment.

Taking the Maven 2 Plunge

Apache Maven's approach to automated builds and project management can save critical development hours by eliminating the need for build scripting and providing valuable features. Learn about the advantages of Maven, and get started using the newest version of Maven - Maven 2.

Introduction to the Java Portlet Specification

Start working with the Java Portlet Specification (JSR-168). Gain a solid understanding of the basics of portals and portlets then try your hand at developing compliant portlets.

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