October 19, 2017
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CGIs in Perl

Now that you are ready to dive into object-oriented programming (OOP) with Perl, you are probably thinking that OOP must make writing CGIs a snap. After all, most of what you are doing is parsing form data and generating HTML responses. If you enscapsulat

Writing object-oriented CGIs with Perl

Perl is by far the current language of choice for writing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs. Among the reasons for choosing Perl is its availability, its ease of use and its robustness. With Perl 5, object-oriented programming (OOP) has been added to this list.

Replacing your CGIs with Java servlets

From the very first days of the Web, people have wanted their Web servers to do more than just serve static documents. The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) extends the server's abilities but at the cost of launching additional processes. There also is FastC

Printing from Java

Printing from a Java application is simple; printing from an applet, though slightly more complex, is still fairly straightforward.

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