December 14, 2017
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Radio Free Linux

Inspired by a belief that people shouldn't have to pay for expensive software to be able to broadcast online, a group of developers is offering open source software as an alternative to the commercially available streaming media servers.

Mainframe Users Like Running Linux, but Management Still Cautious

IBM bestowed its official seal of approval on Linux for the S/390 mainframe in May, giving a boost to a platform that has been in use informally since January of this year. While IBM's recognition of the port as a fully-supported IBM product should boost

Linux on Big Iron: 41,400 copies of Linux running on one box? No problem.

When a small team of IBM programmers in Boeblingen, Germany completed a port of Linux on the IBM S/390 mainframe in December, it ushered in a new era in the brief history of Linux. Now Linux runs on everything from handheld Palm Pilots to large mainframes

Linux on Laptops: Do-It-Yourself No More

Running Linux on a notebook computer used to mean tracking down the right device drivers for your particular computer, and installing the operating system yourself. Now a growing number of vendors are taking the work out of Linux on laptops.

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