May 21, 2019
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What's Coming Next for Jakarta EE and GlassFish?

The open source project is focusing on cloud development and microservices.

Top 20 Open Source Development Tools

These open source IDEs, version control systems, text editors, frameworks and DevOps tools are among the most popular in use today.

AIDE (Android IDE) - Android Programming IDE Overview

Check out the details on AIDE the Android IDE.

App Inventor - Android Programming IDE Overview

Check out the details on App Inventor, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

Appcelerator Titanium - Android Programming IDE Overview

See the details on Appcelerator Titanium, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

Cordova - Android Programming IDE Overview

Check out the details on Cordova, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

Komodo - Android Programming IDE Overview

See the details on Komodo, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

NetBeans - Android Programming IDE Overview

See the details on NetBeans, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

PhoneGap - Android Programming IDE Overview

Review PhoneGap, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

IntelliJ IDEA - Android Programming IDE Overview

When it comes to programming Android, IntelliJ IDEA is considered one of the top IDEs.

Visual Studio (with Xamarin) - Android Programming IDE Overview

When it comes to Android development, one of the top IDEs is Visual Studio with Xamarin.

Eclipse - Android Programming IDE Overview

Get the details on Eclipse as it relates to Android Development.  

Android Studio - Android Programming IDE Overview

Get the details on Android Studio, one of the top IDEs identified by Codeguru for IoT development.  

Top Android IDEs for Developers

Discover the most popular Android Integrated development environments for doing Android Mobile development.

Where More Developers Are Being Hired (and Where They Are Not)

Developers may be looking in the wrong place during a job search. Here's how to find out where to look for that perfect opportunity.

10 Ways Developer Hiring Has Changed

As might be expected, the hiring trends for developers are changing. Here's how to keep abreast of the differences from years past to today.

10 Top Programming Methodologies

These software development methodologies aim to improve productivity, code quality and collaboration.

10 Cloud Databases for Developers

These cloud computing services offer SQL-based and NoSQL database options for developers.

10 Open Source Tools for Developers

These are some of the best-known and most popular open source tools for desktop, Web and mobile development.

IBM Creates Programming Language for Cognitive Computing

The language will work on chips inspired by the human brain.

No More TechNet

Many developers relied on the service for early access to Microsoft software.

Firefox OS Smartphones Go on Sale

For now, the devices will only be available in emerging markets.

Web Developer Writes about High Salary, Amazing Perks

James Somers wanted to be a freelance writer—but he only lasted four days before getting seduced back into the world of Web development.

Obama Signs Open Data Policy Executive Order

U.S. agencies must make their data available to developers in machine-readable formats.

Microsoft Enables Flash by Default on IE10

The company has reversed course on its decision to ban Flash.

Computer Science Enrollment Surges Nearly 30%

It's the fifth straight year of enrollment gains.

Software Makers Defend Patent System

Oracle, Microsoft and other companies argue in favor of keeping the current patent system.

Three Top Trends in Mobile Development

HTML5, location and developer services offerings captured headlines in 2012.

What Developers Should Learn from Apple's Maps Fiasco

Write a crisis plan. Use good data. Don't rush.

Flurry: Developers Making 3x More iOS Apps than Android Apps

Even though Android has more users, devs earn more off iOS apps.

Which Tools Do Developers Really Use?

Google Analytics, Dropbox, MySQL and Git are big favorites among developers.

Best Web Dev Tools of the Year

Many open source projects make the list of best Web dev tools of 2011.

Windows Store to Offer Devs a Bigger Share of Sales

The new app store will open in late February when Microsoft releases a public beta of Windows 8.

Tiobe: C# Could Soon Be More Popular than C++

Java maintains top spot on programming languages list.

Increasing Popularity for Chrome Web Store

A redesign helped the site boost traffic and downloads.

Demand Rising for Mainframe Programmers

Forty percent of all Cobol programmers are due to retire soon.

Mobile Apps to Get ESRB Ratings

Apple and Google haven't yet signed on to the ESRB and CTIA-sponsored mobile app rating program.

New ARM Tool Promises Faster-than-Java Android Performance

Development Studio 5 Community Edition, an ARM development environment for debugging and optimizing C/C++ code, is available for free.

Too Many Features Spoil the Mobile App

The best mobile apps do just one thing very well.

Functional Programming: The Next Big Thing

Functional languages like Ruby and Python are on the rise in enterprise IT departments.

Popcorn 1.0 Adds New Life to Web Video

Mozilla's new technology makes online video more interactive.

Node.js Comes to Windows

Microsoft Web servers can now run JavaScript.

Mobile Development's Rising Stars

Expect to hear more from these rock star mobile developers.

$150 TouchPads for Developers

Will it be enough to keep devs from abandoning webOS?

Pew: 50% of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Have Apps

The number of people who have downloaded an app has nearly doubled in two years.

Survey: Majority of Mobile Devs Use Location-Based Services

Fifty-four percent say they have used maps or other location-related services in mobile apps.

Microsoft to Launch Commercial Version of Kinect SDK

Third-parties will be able to sell applications and hardware that use the motion controller next year.


Mobile development skills also result in a pay premium.

Codify Lets Developers Code on Their iPads

Now Apple's tablet can also be a development tool.

JetBrains Adds iOS and OS X Support

AppCode IDE for Objective-C application development helps create apps that meet App Store submission requirements.

RIP John McCarthy, Creator of LISP

The 84-year-old computer scientist was best known for his contributions to artificial intelligence research.

Open Source as a Career Builder

Not just for hobbyists, FOSS offers real opportunities as a career.

Zend Launches Phpcloud.com

The new PaaS offering lets developers choose their own infrastructure providers.

What's in Ice Cream Sandwich for Developers

Google has released the SDK for Android 4.0.

Managing Quirky Developers

"Weird" developers may be a stereotype, but they're also a reality -- and a challenge -- for managers.

Which Scripting Languages Are Hot Now

You might want to stay away from Action Script and Perl.

How to Save on Microsoft Developer Tools

Joining the right Microsoft program could help developers save a lot of cash.

Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C, Dead at 70

The renowned computer scientist also helped develop Unix and wrote an influential textbook.

eBay Unveils New Developer Platform

The eBay X.commerce platform will offer back-end tools to help retailers build new applications.

Fewer Developers Using Java

Java is still the most popular programming language, but it's losing some of its dominance.

Google Launches 'Early Preview' of Dart

The new programming language aims to offer an alternative to JavaScript.

Developers Reflect on Steve Jobs

Several coders offer their thoughts about the life and death of Apple's former CEO.

Software Testing Firms Recruit Coders with Asperger's

Developers with autistic traits excel at debugging and other repetitive tasks.

Employers Can't Find Enough .NET Developers

Job postings for .NET developers are growing faster than total job postings.

App Rentals for the iOS Platform?

Code in iTunes beta suggests Apple may add app rental capabilities.

Most Mobile Apps Don't Connect to a Backend

Vendors say backend services could make apps more engaging.

Great GUIs of the Past

Check out the evolution of the desktop from 1981's Xerox Star GUI to 2012's Windows 8.

AMD Boosts OpenCL Adoption with New Tools

OpenCL is growing in popularity in the high-performance computing (HPC) market.

Microsoft Opens Web-Based Windows Phone Marketplace

The new site offers more apps and new features.

Application Development Tops List of Hot IT Skills for 2012

Among IT managers who plan to hire in the next 12 months, 61 percent are looking for programmers.

An Inside Look at Facebook's Open Graph

What does the Facebook update to the Open Graph mean for developers?

Android Market More Popular, But BlackBerry Devs Earn More

Evans Data report says there is room for more than two mobile platforms.

Mike Lee Tells Developers to Assume Customers Are Lazy, Stupid, Impatient And Selfish

The well-known application developer offers tips on marketing, testing and platform selection.

Google Offers Ice Cream Sandwich Guidance

Developers can start getting ready for the next version of Android.

Google+ Releases APIs for Developers

The first Google+ apps will be able to read only public data.

A Professional Programmer's Guide to Mobile Platforms

Preview Available for Visual Studio 11

Microsoft shows off the new features in the Visual Studio 11 IDE at the BUILD conference.

Intel Reveals Mobile Plans at Developer Forum

Ultrabooks and a partnership with Google are in the works for Intel.

A First Look at Windows 8

Developers get a sneak peak at the next version of Microsoft's flagship operating system at the BUILD conference.

The Hottest Programming Languages for Job Seekers

If you're looking for a job, it's good to know Groovy, C#, Cobol, JavaScript or Ruby.

Google's New Programming Language: Dart

The soon-to-be-revealed language is designed for "structured Web programming."

The Year's Best Open Source Application Development Tools

These projects have just been awarded "Bossies" for best open source software.

Objective-C Climbs the Most Popular Programming Language Chart

Growing interest in developing for Apple's platforms is reflected on Tiobe's Index.

10 Books Every Developer Should Read

How many of these books have you made it through?

New Ruby on Rails Release Boosts App Performance

Ruby on Rails 3.1 boasts faster JavaScript execution and several other performance-boosting features.

Behind the Scenes with Olympic Application Development

The athletes aren't the only ones preparing for the 2012 Summer Games. So are the application developers who are perfecting the Commentator Information System (CIS).

Windows 8 to Offer Both Traditional and "Metro" Interfaces

Microsoft exec answers some questions about the new Windows 8 operating system.

Visual Studio Gets a Python Extension

Microsoft's IDE now has open source tools that support Python and related languages.

Building Android Apps with Scala

The Scala programming language provides Android developers with a good alternative to Java and C++.

Jailbreakme.com Developer Lands Apple Internship

The 19-year-old best known as "comex" will be working at Apple on the devices he used to hack.

Oracle Updates Application Development Tools

Apex 4.1 offers improved error handling and better mobile application support.

Mozilla Wants to Bring HTML5 to Smartphones

The open source organization proposes a new set of APIs for smartphones.

JetBrains Working on New JVM Language

Kotlin will be a statically typed language designed for performance-critical applications.

Project Spartan to Spur the Development of HTML5 Apps

Game developers working on Facebook's hush-hush project could help turn the app store distribution model on its head.

Codeacademy Makes Learning to Program Feel Like a Game

Startup Codeacademy attracts 1,000 users in just a few hours.

Linus Torvalds' Take on Android

The Linux creator says that Android and Linux will eventually "come together."

ISO Approves C++ Upgrade

C++11 will offer better performance and support for parallel algorithms.

LinkedIn Builds New Mobile App with Node.js and HTML5

Switching from Ruby on Rails made the LinkedIn mobile app 2 to 10 times faster for users.

11 Problems with HTML5

The reality of the new HTML5 Web technology may not live up to the hype.

Chrome Beta Adds C/C++ Support

Native Client could bring desktop performance to Web apps.

Majority of Android Devs Have 100+ Apps

iPhone and iPad developers are more likely to have created fewer apps.

Six Top Python Web Frameworks

These tools can help you build Web apps with the Python programming language.

10-Year-Old Girl Reveals Zero-Day Flaw at DefCon

"CyFi", a girl of 10, explains a security vulnerability found in many mobile apps.

Building Java 8 for the Cloud

Members of the Java community say the next version of the programming language will need modularity, multi-tenancy and closures.

Android Developers Say Google Isn't Paying What It Owes

Google says it is looking into the problem.

The Java 7 HotSpot Debacle

Oracle shipped the latest version of the Java compiler with a critical defect.

Developers Unite to Fight Patent Trolls

The Appsterdam Legal Defense Team will allow small developers to join forces against Lodsys and similar companies.

Adobe Launches HTML5 Tool

Adobe Edge offers an alternative to Flash for creating dynamic Web content.

NetBeans IDE Passes 1 Million Users

The popular Java development environment reached the milestone earlier this month.

Git Is the New Black

Linus Torvalds' Git version control system is becoming more popular in application development circles.

Google App Engine Now Supports Go

GAE SDK 1.5.2 adds a number of tools for working with Google's pet programming language.

Adobe App Stores to Close

Adobe says it will refocus its efforts on helping developers publish their apps for multiple platforms.

Microsoft Updates the Windows Phone App Hub

Developers can begin submitting Mango apps in next month.

Cloud9 and Joyent Join Up to Deliver New Framework

New framework speeds the cloud-based development and deployment of Node.js applications.

MyEclipse Bling IDE Brings Together IBM Webshpere and Spring

MyEclipse Blue Edition + MyEclipse for Spring = MyEclipse Bling.

U.S. Department of Labor Website Offers Application Development Tools

It's the first federal agency to create a website that helps software developers use its data.

More Freelance Projects Available for Android Developers

Freelance.com says Android and iPhone postings are up, but Blackberry projects are decreasing.

Oracle Finally Ships Java 7

The Java 7 release features a more modular design and 13 major changes.

Is Node.js the Next Big Thing?

Some say the open source JavaScript runtime Node.js is about to hit mainstream consciousness.

Microsoft to Launch Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 This Month

The rapid-application-development (RAD) tool offers templates to help non-programmers create business applications.

Independent Developer Bashes the Amazon AppStore

Independent developer Bithack calls the Amazon AppStore a "disaster."

JetBrains Updates ReSharper Extension for Visual Studio

The JetBrains ReSharper 6 update boasts greater support for Web application development in Visual Studio.

More Android Users are Downloading Paid Apps

Android apps that cost 99 cents are the most popular among users.

Developers Gain Access to Windows Phone Mango Beta

Microsoft releases Windows Phone Mango Beta to developers, including the related application development tools.

DHS Releases Updated List of Top 25 Programming Errors

The Department of Homeland Security is issuing guidance designed to make software less vulnerable to attack.

Red Hat to Release Arquillian App Testing Tool

Red Hat's Arquillian technology for enterprise Java developers will likely be included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.

Online Course Offers C/C++ Security Training

Safelight launches "Secure C/C++ Coding" course for developers.

Chrome Tool Helps Developers Spot Web App Vulnerabilities

Google's Chrome tool DOM Snitch finds security holes in client-side code.

iPhone App Downloads Soar in Asia

China is now the second-largest market for iPhone apps after the U.S.

Cloud9 IDE Attracts $5.5 Million in Funding

The development as a service (DaaS) provider Cloud9 offers a cloud-based IDE for JavaScript.

Adobe Flash Tools Now Support Android, iOS and PlayBook

Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 support cross-platform application development.

Visual Studio Gets Better JavaScript and HTML5 Support

Developers can now download the first Web standards update for Visual Studio.

Hadoop Alternative Goes Open Source

LexisNexis has released its big data processing tool, HPCC Systems.

Five Ways to Reduce the Size of Classes

These class size reduction techniques can add clarity to your code.

Survey: Android, Mobile Web and Windows Phone Appeal to Developers

Developers say they are more interested in reaching a lot of users than in making a lot of money.

VMware Releases Middleware for Java Developers

VFabric 5 will aid developers creating Java applications for the cloud or virtualized environments.

New Tools for Creating Salesforce.com Mobile Apps

Appirio aims to make it easy for enterprise software developers to port their apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Startup Offers Mobile and Ruby Devs $10K and Free Beer

Take a job with Hipster, and you'll get everything you need to look hip.

Google Open Sources Video Chat Code

New Heroku Version Includes Logs, Processes and Node.js

The Salesforce.com owned platform-as-a-service Heroku is expanding beyond Ruby.

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