January 26, 2021
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Integrating Fingerprint Authentication Into Your App

Gain mastery of fingerprint authentication features that are included in the Android APIs.

Building an Android Live Wallpaper

Learn to locate the live wallpapers available on your device, what the wallpaper APIs are, what the app looks like, and see a code walk-through.

Interpreting Sensor Data in Android

Determine what sensors your mobile device has, and then learn to leverage them.

Android NDK Basics

Cover the fundamental steps required in NDK development and observe the key resources to further explore the advanced aspects of the toolsets.

Accessing Contacts Data on Android Devices

Learn how to utilize Google's contacts data to our software's benefit.

Exploring the Android Speech API for Voice Recognition

Read about the Android Speech API, used for voice recognition, that automates recognition and translation of spoken language into text.

Adding Basic Android Text-To-Speech to Your Apps

Learn to implement Android's Text-To-Speech functionality into your apps.

Working with a Camera in Android

Harness the basics of what the Android Camera API can do, and see some code to assist you.

Exploring the Android SDK and AVD Managers

Learn about two useful tools that will keep your development packages up to date and to emulate the testing devices.

Syncing Data Between Android Handhelds and Wearables

Learn about common data objects and ways to handle them.

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