October 22, 2017
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Android Development 101: Tools Review of Android SDK

Chris Bennett demonstrates the Android development tools provided with the Google Android SDK in this concise video.

Android Development 101: 'Hello World' in Four Minutes Flat

In this four-minute episode of the Android Development 101 video series, Chris Bennett demonstrates how to create your first Android 'Hello World' application.

Spruce up your next application with the WPF Ribbon

Is it time to give your next application a major user interface face lift? Try the WPF Ribbon as used in Microsoft Office 2007.

Take advantage of the Windows 7 TaskBar in your next project

Looking to enhance your applications support for new features in Windows 7? In this article we'll demonstrate several of the new features of the TaskBar and show you how to take advantage of them.

Performance Impact of Using Spring.NET Dependency Injection

Looking to start using Spring.NET to provide Dependency Injection in your next project? In this article I will show the performance impact of Spring.NET Dependency Injection and compare it to performing the same functions natively.

Getting started with Apache NMS Framework and Apache ActiveMQ

Looking to incorporate ActiveMQ into your next project, but don't want to use Spring.NET?  This article shows how to use the basics of the .NET Messaging Service Framework.

Using ASP.NET ScriptServices with Popular JavaScript Frameworks

Looking to use JavaScript to add lightweight AJAX interaction to your site? Try ASP.NET ScriptServices with jQuery or the Prototype JavaScript framework.

Improve the Speed of Your Site by Using CSS Sprites

Looking to improve the performance of your site? Learn how to combine all of those tiny 1k styling images into a couple CSS sprites.

Take the Pain out of Creating Word Documents by Using C# and XML

Learn how to create Word documents in your application without using Office Interop or third-party libraries.

Adding Standard Deviation to LINQ

Learn how to implement a simple Standard Deviation function for LINQ (Language Integrated Query).

Create Your Own Thread Pool

Need a thread pool with a customized level of control? Learn how to create your own thread pool in .NET.

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