April 19, 2019
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A Software Schedule Ain't Nothin' But a Piece of Paper

Discover a few ideas that will help make schedules more realistic.

It's Not About Lines of Code

All other things being equal, programmers like being productive. Unfortunately, the standard definitions of software productivity are incorrect.

All Source Code Should Be Open: Follow Up

Charles Connell responds to reader's comments about his last Open Source article.

All Source Code Should Be Open

Charles Connell recommends a policy change that would have a profound impact on the quality of software systems worldwide.

A Quagmire in the Tar Pit

Stuck in the software developement tar pit? Don't know where to go next? Charles Connell, our Perspectives on Software Engineering columnist, shares advice on how to find your way through the numerous development methods available.

Are There Limits to Software Estimation?

Our "Perspectives on Software Engineering" columnist tackles the subject of accurately estimating software development time -- joining a complex computer science debate.

Follow Up to "Most Software Stinks!"

Is software development simply more difficult than other kinds of engineering? Are clarifying comments essential to the very nature of well-designed software? Connell responds to readers who have debated these points.

Most Software Stinks!

Just as house architects cannot design beautiful buildings simply by including known elements that have worked elsewhere, good software design is more than a collection of programming techniques that make sense on their own.

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