October 19, 2017
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Authentication in Applications

Authentication is a critical component of many applications, large and small. Choosing where authentication is needed, what type and how to implement it safely can be a challenging task. Go through an overview of authentication types, their usage, and various ways to add authentication to your applications.

Ten Aspects of Security to Improve Application Strength

Making mistakes when trying to build secure applications can lead to critical flaws and vulnerabilities. Learn how to strengthen an application and avoid costly mistakes.

Object-level Access Control in Applications

Granular access control should be applied at many levels within an application—from user and network interaction all the way down to the individual objects that may contain critical data. Learn about the importance of object-level access control and presents architectural concepts surrounding Role Based Access Control to manage the security of data within applications.

Security in Application Design

The security of an application begins at design time, and should be carried all the way through development. Learn how to look at security on many levels, including security-specific functionality, usage of the application, and processing within the application.

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