October 24, 2017
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Unconventional Java Programmer Finds Open-Source Roots Deep Within IBM

Independent consultant Jack Woehr finds Java right vehicle for traveling between micro and mainframe realms.

Is Stackless Python for You?

Is Stackless Python for you? If you program leading-edge games, high-performance network servers, or sophisticated text processors, it might be.

DeJong Juggles Java Projects

Red Hat's Moses DeJong is pushing the envelope in the area of open-source Java projects.

Phil Zimmermann: Programmer as Celebrity

Meet Phil Zimmermann, creator of the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption suite and one of the world's best-known cryptographers.

Behlendorf Makes Open Source Work for Java


Bruce Eckel: A passion for thinking

Bruce Eckel is not just another computer-language guru

Bruce Eckel: A passion for thinking

This author and educator believes so much in the ethos of the Internet he's offering his latest book on Java for free online.

How free is open? An interview with Richard M. Stallman

An interview with Richard M. Stallman

Tcl Blend makes for better Java

SunScript recently announced beta release of Jacl and Tcl Blend: scripting tools for Java developers. While early interest was concentrated in the Tcl community, Tcl Blend stands on its own as a useful tool for developers with no background in Tcl.

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