May 19, 2019
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The Top 3 Project Challenges for Developers

A recent developer survey reveals the top three challenges that developers face on projects.

An Interview with Biz Stone of Twitter

In this interview Twitter co-founder Biz Stone talks about Twitter, Web 2.0, SaaS, the Twitter business model, and what he sees as the next big thing. Whether you are on Twitter or not, you should find his comments interesting!

Top 10 Java Articles on Developer.com

Every now and then it is interesting to step back and see what other people are reading. Here are the most popular Java articles so far this year.

The Best Technologies in 2007

Did the technology you thought best win? Was it even a finalist? Discover the technologies voted the best by the readers of Developer.com.

News: Microsoft Releases Betas and More

Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2, Silverlight 1.0 RC, and more.

Ponderings about the Tech Ed 2007 Keynote

The people at Microsoft are busy with lots of products. Did someone forget that they should be excited about them?

Visual FoxPro: Its Day Has Finally Come

If you thought the end of Visual FoxPro had already happened, then you are wrong. Its end is now.

Technology of the Year 2007

Find out who won Developer.com's Product of the Year 2007 technology category.

Developer.com's Top 10 Articles for September 2006

While today's publishing is often on tomorrow's technologies, it is often yesterday's technologies actually being used today. September's Top 10 viewed articles help to confirm this.

RFID Programming Made Simple and Cheap

Using RFID hardware and incorporating RFID tag information into your applications can really be quite simple. See what can be done with less than $100 and no more than a few dozen lines of code.

Robotics Made Easy

The ability to program devices ranging from simple sensors to robots is getting increasingly easier.

Technology of the Year 2006

Technology is the fun stuff, especially when it is relatively new. See what our readers think is the hot technology going into 2006.

What to Know About Visual Studio 2005...The Products

Visual Studio 2005 ("Whidbey") has released. Get a first look at answers to some up-front questions you might have. Start by simply understanding the multitude of editions that entail the Visual Studio 2005 product line. After all, how many different editions can one product have?

Product Overload: Microsoft

Are you missing Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC)? If so, you'll still want to make sure you keep up on all the announcements.

Using Nullable Types in C#

The next release of C# (ECMA-334 3rd Edition) includes the ability to use nullable data types. If you are unfamiliar with nullable types, this introduction is for you!

New Features in C#

A list of the key new features in from the ECMA-334 C# 3rd Edition and ECMA-335 CLI specifications.

Avalon and Indigo Get Official Names with Windows Vista Beta Release

With the announcement of the release today of beta 1 for Windows Vista (formally codenamed "Longhorn"), Microsoft also announced the official names for Avalon and Indigo.

Creating Non-Rectangular Forms

It is amazingly easy to create forms of any shape within Visual C#. You can even do it with VB .NET!

Updates to our Microsoft Glossary

You may have visited Atlanta or Indy or even seen a ladybug before but now see these words in a entirely different way... When dealing with Microsoft you sometimes need to redefine some of your vocabulary.

Mobile Development: Why Should I Care? A Q&A with Nokia

Developer.com has a candid conversation with Srikanth Raju, Senior Technology Manager at Nokia, on why developers should care about developing for mobile devices. Get the candid information on why you should be considering the mobile platform and what Nokia recommends for you to do to get started.

Breaking Changes in Visual C++ 2005

There are a number of changes in Visual C++ 2005 that can break your existing programs. The Visual C++ product team has identified some of the changes most likely to impact you.

Developing for Television: TiVo Announces an SDK!

TiVo has now added the television as a viable, possible target for your applications.

Coming in 2005

Curious about what to expect in 2005 out of the development community? Check out Bradley Jones' yearly forecast on what to anticipate.

Programming Language Popularity: The TCP Index for January, 2005

How has the popularity of your favorite language changed since last year?

Java Studio Enterprise 7 and NetBeans 4.0 Announced

Java Studio Enterprise 7 and NetBeans 4.0 were announced this week.

Programming Language Popularity: The TCP Index for December, 2004

PHP jumps. Delphi/Kylix drops. Find out how your favorite languages rate in the TIOBE Programming Community (TPC) Index for December.

Programming Language Popularity: The TCP Index for November, 2004

C, Java, and C++ fall. Visual Basic and Perl rise. Find out how your favoriate languages rate in the TIOBE Programming Community (TPC) Index for November.

When They Rip It from My Cold, Dead Fingers

Is the continued use of Visual Basic 6.0 going to take your career 6 feet under?

Programming Language Popularity: The TCP Index for October, 2004

Find out how languages rate in the TIOBE Programming Community (TPC) Index.

Acronym Anarchy: Java Evolutions

The sequel to the well-read Acronym Anarchy article! This time Java terminology is the focus. Do you qualify as a Java 'acronym' guru?

Acronym Anarchy

Acronyms are getting out of control. Do you have what it takes to be an Acronym Guru?

Mobile/PocketPC Development Jump Start

Discover how simple it is to start developing for the PocketPC and other mobile devices using Visual Studio .NET 2003. No mobile development experience or mobile devices are needed!

Simplified Development Tools-The Microsoft Express Products

Microsoft expands Visual Studio and SQL Server to the non-programmers, hobbyists, and students with simplified, low-cost to no-cost versions.

Flexing for a Rich Client in Your Web Apps

Rich clients are the next hot battleground, and the battle is starting to heat up! Macromedia Flex provides a new, slick way to build sharp looking rich web clients with lots of bells and whistles.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System-Not Just For Developers!

Microsoft states their seriousness in the enterprise space with the announcement of Visual Studio 2005 Team Services.

Coming in 2004

2004 should be an interesting year as we watch to see which developer-related products are released and which are delayed. Get an idea of what is coming in 2004 from some from some of the key technology companies.

New Jargon From Microsoft

One thing that is true about the computer industry — there will always be new jargon to toss around! Here are a few terms ranging from Avalon to XAML.

Longhorn, Yukon, Whidbey and More!

Learn about the new technologies coming from Microsoft over the coming years.

Tidbits from the PDC 2003

Bradley Jones provides us with the up-to-date scoop from Microsoft PDC.

What's New in Visual Studio .NET "Whidbey"

Microsoft has removed the shrowd of secrecy from the next version of Visual Studio. NET — code-named 'Whidbey'. Get the scoop on changes that will be in the IDE and within the different key languages.

It Slices, It Dices, It's 6 Gadgets In One!

Nokia released the N-Gage. It might not slice and dice, but it does roll a lot of things into one small device!

Insights on Borland

Bradley Jones gives his insights on Borland and its place in the computer industry.

Getting Graphics to stay on a Form (C#)

If you draw graphics onto a form, they may be lost when the form — or sections of the form — refreshes. This program shows one way to retain the graphics on a C# form's background. (It also shows how to draw some graphics!)

Coming in 2004 - Microsoft Visual Studio .NET "Whidbey"

Updates on the next release of Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET and on Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner Program.

Converting Java to C#

Microsoft released the Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) 2.0 today. Now you can convert Java code on both the client and the server to C#.

What Are Partial Types in C#?

Partial types are a construct that Microsoft has proposed be added to C#. It is never too early to learn more.

What Are C# Generics?

Microsoft has announced a number of changes that should occur in future C# standards. One of these changes is a template-like feature called generics.

Microsoft's Tech Ed Keynote Presentation Summary

Brad Jones reports in from Microsoft's Tech Ed conference on the keynote presentation delivered by Paul Flessner, Microsoft's Senior Vice President for the Windows Server System Division.

PowerBuilder Goes Mobile

PowerBuilder and its legendary DataWindows are going mobile. Sybase announced the availability of the Pocket PowerBuilder beta today. Developer.com took a few minutes to ask about this new beta. See the answers from Sue Dunnell, product manager for PowerBuilder.

Getting Information About A File

The FileInfo class in the .NET Framework allows you to get information about a file including its size, when it was created, and when it was last accessed. Discover how to use this class with C#

Managing Beyond the Project with The BEN

Development tools are getting easier to use, but project deadlines seem to be getting tighter. Add to this a smarter and more demanding management staff, and the realization is that a project management tools need to rise to the challenge. The Business Engine Network is one tool that has stepped up to these challenges.

Microsoft .NET Glossary

There is a ton of jargon surrounding .NET. Developer.com's glossary of .NET terms is here to help! Latest edition is Istanbul.

Microsoft Does It Again - Released Today: The ASP.NET Starter Kits Betas

Microsoft is again pulling out all the stops. If you are building a Web-based solution that centers on portals, communities, commerce, tracking, or reporting, then there is a new starting point that you should check out!

Q&A with Shawn Nandi on the ASP.NET Starter Kits

The ASP.NET Starter Kits are the newest public beta release from Microsoft. These are five full-fledged applications that contain full, commented source code. With an expected price of free, we had a few questions. We asked Shawn Nandi, product manager for ASP.NET for the inside scoop.

Slammer - Not Just for Microsoft SQL Server 2000

You may be vulnerable to the Slammer Worm even if you do not have Microsoft SQL Server 2000 on your machine. Learn why here.

C# and .NET Without Microsoft

Can you create C# programs and run them without using any Microsoft products? You bet you can!

Formatting Negative Numbers Differently Than Positive in .NET

Format specifiers are most often used with numbers. What happens if you want to format a variable differently if the number is negative versus positive? Learn the specifiers needed to make this happen in .NET.

Formatting Date and Time Values In .NET

Dates and times can be formatted a number of different ways. Learn how to format dates and times in .NET. While this article uses C#, the lesson is applicable to VB .NET and Managed C++ programmers.

What's Coming From Microsoft in 2003?

What's up with Microsoft? Here are a few items that may be out in 2003.

Planning for the .NET Compact Framework

If you are developing applications for .NET and believe you may want to go to mobile devices in the future, then it is worth considering a few issues as you create full-fledged applications today.

Using Indexers in C#

Indexers allow objects to be treated like arrays. Learn how to use an indexer with a C# object.

Microsoft Announces Final Beta of Visual Studio .NET 2003

With a final product due in April, 2003, Microsoft announced the final beta release for the next version of Visual Studio.

Introducing the Tablet PC, Part 1

Launched over the last week, is the Tablet PC revolutionary or evolutionary?

Components Versus Controls

Do you know the difference between a component and a control? Is there a difference?

Writing XML in .NET Using XmlTextWriter

Writing XML from a .NET application can be done quickly and easily. This article briefly introduces the .NET Framework's XmlTextWriter class and illustrates its use from C#.

Web Services: The Next Revolution

There have been two events that have impacted software development more than anything else. The first was the release of the PC. The second was the graphical user interface (GUI). Are Web Service the next great revolution?

And then there was Microsoft .NET

All eyes were on San Francisco, but the big launch event for Microsoft's new .NET initiative was in Chicago.

C# Programming Language Ratified!

ECMA standardizes key .NET technologies.

Term of the Week: "Beta"

In this ongoing look at different terms in the development industry, I pick an easy one -- or is it?

Programming with C# - - 101

Take a first look at programming with C#. This article shows you the process and steps to program your first C# application.

Client-side Versus Server-side Coding - Part 1

Understanding the difference between client-side code and server-side code is critical in Web development. This installment of the "Term of the Week" column address client versus server-side.

What is C#?

C# is a new programming language introduced by Microsoft. This article, excerpted from Sams Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days provides an overview of what C# is and why it is important.

Data Persistence and Java Data Objects -- JDO

Learn about Java Data Objects (JDO) and how they make enterprise-level Web database development easier.

Book Review: ASP.NET For Dummies

ASP.NET for Dummies is more than just a book. In addition to its 420 printed pages, it also contains a "cheat sheet" tear card, a support Web site, and a CD with over a hundred additional pages. Check out our full review of this new book.

You Can Get a Copy of the Visual Studio .NET Release Candidate

Hearing about Visual Studio .NET and wondering what it is all about? Learn where you can order a copy of the Release Candidate 0.

Word from Microsoft's PDC Conference - .NET My Services

.NET My Services is the goofiest product name to ever come from Microsoft with the exception of Microsoft Bob. In this article, I present an overview as presented by Micrsoft on what .NET My Services is.

News from Microsoft PDC 2001 - Gate's Keynote

This morning was Bill Gate's Keynote presentation. I've pulled together my notes to share with those of you who could not make the conference.

Object-Oriented Application Development Using the Cache Postrelational Database

Not all books are created equal. If you are interested in object-oriented development, object-databases, Caché, or database developement in general, then you'll want to check out this book review.

Term of the Week: XML

Everyone knows what XML is! Right? Just in case you don't, this week's term of the week is XML - the eXtensible Markup Language.

Term of the Week: CGI

This week's Term of the Week column tackles CGI - Common Gateway Interface.

New Column: Term of the Week

New column starting this week!

Working with a Timer in C#

Implement a simple timer in C#. This excerpt from the upcoming Sams Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days shows you how.

Pixie Dust and More

There is a good chance that Pixie Dust will be in your computing future! Check out this week's Developer.com Update.

eXtreme Programming

Is another methodology really needed, or have enough trees and brain cells been spent on the existing methodologies?

It's Coming: Web Services

Web Services are going to be a reality. In the near future you will undoubtedly be using Web Services and might even be creating them yourself! This week we expose the simplicity of the Web Services concept.

It's Coming: Web Services

Web Services are going to be a reality. In the near future you will undoubtedly be using Web Services and might even be creating them yourself! This week we expose the simplicity of the Web Services concept.

Checking out your Cookies' Crumbs

Do you know what is stored in your cookies? If not, it is simple to see the contents of a cookie! This article explains what you need to enter into your browser to see the cookie from any web page. It's probably easier than you think!

Seeing through the hype: Web Services

"We are in the early stages of a yet another dramatic shift in computing paradigms." This statement was made by Marge Breya, Chief Marketing Officer of iPlanet in reference to Web Services. Is this just hype?

Seeing through the hype: Web Services

"We are in the early stages of a yet another dramatic shift in computing paradigms." This statement was made by Marge Breya, Chief Marketing Officer of iPlanet in reference to Web Services. Is this just hype?

Crystal Reports 8.5: A First Look

Some products shrivel up and sour as they get older, others grow into something much better. Crystal Reports Version 8.5 is the newest version incarnation of a product that has been used and respected by developers for a number of years.

The eXtensible Rights Markup Language (XrML)

Is Digital Rights Management important? You know what the music industry will say! We asked Brad Gandee, XrML Standard Evangelist, about a standard that is here to help.

Connecting with the XML Experts

EXtensible Markup Language (XML) is permeating virtually every other software technology. On October 4-7, 2000, the XML Connections conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., presented many of the rising experts in the field.

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