May 21, 2019
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Coffee Break: Developer Jokes and Puns

Take a break from the seriousness of coding and check out these jokes and puns!

Twenty-One+ Types of Testing All Developers Should be Doing

In the world of developing solutions, how many different types of testing can you name? Better yet, how many different types of testing do you do?

Free Cloud Stuff for Developers

Discover some of there free Cloud services, functions, and tools offered by many of the top Cloud providers.

Acronym Anarchy: Cloud Acronyms - How Many Do You Know?

Acronyms have always been out of control in the tech world. Can you look through the anarchy and identify what these Cloud computing acronyms stand for? 

Status of IT and the Continuous Enterprise

Insights into trends on productivity, workforce roles, and technology adoption in what is called the "continuous enterprise."

Oracle Code 2017 Free Events Happening Around the World

Oracle is presenting a series of free developer events covering a variety of topics ranging from Java to microservices to chatbots to containers.

Developer.com Recognized as a Top 50 Software Development Blog

FeedSpot recognizes Developer.com Recognized as a Top 50 Software Development Blog.

Microsoft Ignites IT - Innovation and Transformation. Are You Ready?

Microsoft is pushing for a digital transformation of business using intelligence, the cloud, and other tools. Here is a bit on what is coming based on just some of this week’s announcements.

Forum Password Reset Process

Instructions for resetting a password on a vBulletin forum.

SAP HANA, Microsoft Azure, Office 365: Integration, Collaboration, and More

Microsoft and SAP are working together to provide better collaboration.

Top Things Intel Has for Developers (Not Just Hardware)

When it comes to Intel, most developers think about hardware; however, Intel does a lot targeted solely in the area of software development. Here are several core things. How many were you aware of?

Don’t be Stupid with Customer Data

Do you know what your employees are doing with customer data? Do you how they are getting customer data, or where that data is? In an age of data breaches and identity theft, are you doing everything you can to avoid contributing to the problem?

Big Data: As a Developer, Should You Care?

Big Data is happening and it is impacting a lot of companies. We did a survey to determine the impact, benefits, and concerns. Learn more now!

Ten New Things to Consider When Building Apps Today

It used to be that the big decisions centered on whether to do a web application or a desktop application. Today the decisions have gotten crazy. Not only do you have to consider web, desktop, or mobile, you are still left with a variety of devices and form factors your application should support. Here are ten different things that you should consider when building modern applications today. How many of these do you take into consideration?

Eight Wearable Computing Devices

Here are a number of wearable computer devices you might, or might not have, heard about.

A number of new wearable computers become mainstream in 2013. In 2014, you can expect even more wearable computers to make their way into the spotlight. This should result in more discussion on the Internet of Things (IoT) as it relates to the connectivity of devices. One thing all of the wearable computers have in common is that there were developers writing the underlying code to make them work. In this slide show, I present a number of wearable computer that you can get today as well as a few you might not have seen. I expect to see even more ideas come to light in 2014. Do you know of other interesting wearables?

Windows 8 and the Android Developer

Developers building mobile applications have to know what platforms are important today, but also need to ask the question of what platforms will be hot tomorrow. Android is hot today. Is Windows Phone 8 important enough for the Android developer to consider?

Don't Get Left Behind: Concepts Every Developer Should Know

It continues to get easier to build fancier and more robust applications. Unfortunately, it seems that the expectations from end-users are increasing too. There is more for developers to know. Topics that were just conceptual pipe dreams a few years ago are now making their way into every day applications. Here are a number of concepts that developers need to know about today, or they risk falling behind.

Building on the Cloud: The Team Foundation Services Story Continues...

Microsoft is making of noise around Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Team Foundation Services. See what's new!

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