February 26, 2021
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Embedding Interactive Code onto a Web Page

Take the quality of your training materials to a new level with interactive code embedded into your manuals. It's easier than you think.

Repl.it: An Online Editor for Coding or Learning

Repl.it is a free online integrated development environment (IDE) that deserves to be noticed.

Online Development IDEs You Can Access Anywhere

IDEs can take up a lot of drive space. Here are five cloud-hosted IDEs that don't - and that you can access from anywhere.

An Intro to Swift Programming - on Windows Even

The Swift language lives up to its name, and offers a number of modern features too, like automated memory management. It even works on Windows.

Why Is Python So Popular?

Python has blasted up the programming language charts in popularity, reaching number two. This Python intro will help you understand its popularity.

PHP Database Options: More Than Just MySQL

PHP is often used with MySQL, but there are many options thanks to extensions and an abstraction layer.

TypeScript: JavaScript with Safe Types

TypeScript adds a data typing layer to JavaScript that is well worth learning. We'll get you started.

Avoiding Math Confusion in Your Programs

Here's a Java exercise and code that get order of operations right.

Doing Tech Presentations and Team Meetings in VR

VR presentations and meetings are cool and hip - and you should be doing them.

Introduction to Kotlin

Kotlin has been gaining steam in the developer community over the last few years. Here’s a quick glance at what Kotlin has to offer.

The Java Switch Statement Undergoes Big Changes

The Java switch statement has some new capabilities; here's how to use them.

Creating an Azure Cognitive Search Service

Azure Cognitive Search can give your web site or application an AI and natural language search service. Here's how to set up Azure Cognitive Search.

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