May 27, 2019
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Bob Reselman has written numerous books and articles about computer programming and topics related to software development. Presently Bob is a Technical Process Architect at Edmunds Inc. Edmunds Inc. is a leading publisher of high volume, high availabilit

Containers 101

What are containers, why are they so special, and how are they used? With all of the buzz around containers, now is a good time to make sure you know the answers to these questions!

Lessons Learned: Effective Change Management, Selling, and Do-Overs

Change management applies as much to developers as it does to all other members of a software team. Learn the path to effective change.

Lesson Learned: How to Organize a Productive Developer Meeting

Master the methodology and run meetings that are both productive and enjoyable.

Lesson Learned: Keeping the Focus on the Object of Focus

"Keep the focus on the object of focus." That's the key to successful decision making.

Lessons Learned: Effective Change Management, Part 1

Change Management is often ignored by development folks and left to the likes of Project Management. Learn One Thing to avoid that fatal mistake.

Three Questions to Answer When Reporting an Error

Instead of being a helpful experience, most error messages produce anxiety, confusion, and annoyance. Learn to create better error messages and make your users happier.

Lessons Learned: A Craftsman's Approach to Software Development

Software architect Bob Reselman shares unexpected lessons he's learned during the last three years he's dedicated to mastering the craft of lutherie: The rules for making a great musical instrument are amazingly similar to the rules for making great software.

Using Randomization in Java Unit Testing

Using randomization in your Java unit tests is easy and not as time consuming as you think. Plus, it will increase the value of your tests in the short and long term.

The 7 Rules for Writing World Class Technical Documentation

Writing technical documentation can be a daunting task. Let Bob Reselman show you the way to writing great engaging technical documentation.

Real World REST Using Jersey, AJAX and JSON

In this article Bob Reselman gives us a brief overview of REST, and explains the basic operational concepts behind Jersey.

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