November 23, 2017
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Mule - The Open Source Enterprise Integration Solution

Can Mule help you carry the weight of your infrastructure? We'll shine a light on this open source ESB and show you how it can help you reduce complexity in your web service applications.

Implementing Contextual Web Services

Have you ever wondered what contextual Web Services are? Learn different ways of accessing a user's context in Web Service components and implementing advanced domain services containing non-functional aspects such as personalization.

Simplify Your Web Services Development with JSR 181

Free yourself from the underlying implementation details of Web Services and concentrate on core business areas. With JSR 181 development will not only be simplified but also standardized!

Modularizing and Code Reuse Using AOP

Review some insights about code modularity and reuse using Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP).

User Defined Exceptions: Improve Error Handling in Web Services

Examine the different types of exceptions that could be thrown inside the Web Service and how user defined exceptions can improve error handling in your Web Service.

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