November 21, 2017
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Capitalizing on SOA

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is another strategic milestone in the enterprise architecture world.

J2SE 1.5 - Effective Java Programming with Tiger

The beta release of J2SE 1.5 is expected to ship in late 2003. Get a preview of the major features that are expected.

UDDI V3 Subscriptions, Part II

With the help of subscriptions, a subset of the Web Services registry data can be monitored for a specific business need. WASP UDDI is the most comprehensive, feature-rich private registry available today for businesses to collaborate between trusted parties using standards protocols. Can your business improve by utilizing this technology?

UDDI V3 Subscriptions, Part I

Are your Web services realizing their full potential? Check again.... UDDI V3's subscription mechanism helps its subscribers to subscribe themselves to the core UDDI data structures that are registered in the UDDI registry. Evaluate the technology and see if it will give you a business advantage.

Are Java Developers Ready for Hunting Tiger?

With the introduction of generics (aka C++ Templates) in the upcoming version of J2SE 1.5 (codename Tiger), developers will benefit from the strong static type checking that helps them to avoid heterogeneous collections that are not type safe. Learn how this new feature will help you.

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