May 19, 2019
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Why You Should Implement Continuous Integration in Your SDLC

Continuous integration (CI) alleviates many software integration pain points, and luckily for you open source tools can help you implement CI.

The Five Stages of Highly Effective Datacenters

Discover the attributes of an effective datacenter and review a plan that can assist you in making the best use of these expensive assets.

The Data Problem

Explore the challenges of managing data in a Grid environment.

A Grid for Every Application

What attributes of an application make it a good candidate for the Grid? What should you look for in a Grid vendor to make you life easier as you move your applications onto the Grid?

Messaging and the Grid, the Perfect Marriage

Discover what features of messaging middleware apply to Grid computing and see how marrying the two benefits the end user.

The Large-Grid Issue

See how you can manage, maintain, support, or even build large-Grid environments.

Resource Management: An Introduction

Take a look at the resource management side of the Grid and virtualized environment. It is not an easy problem to tackle. Hopefully, the tactics shown here will help.

Grids, Clusters, Virtualized Environment, and All of That1

Grid Computing, Cluster Computing, clusters of computers, virtual machines. What am I talking about here? What are these terms? Where do they come from, and what do they mean today to you and for the business? Dive into the wonderful world of computing and computational technologies. After you are done, you will have a good understanding of the industry.

Resource Utilization and Provisioning Within Virtualization

Delve into some of the details of resource provisioning and utilization by looking at Adaptive Scheduling, Types of Resources, and Basic Analysis. You will see that decisions must be made that valuate the pros and cons of each action.

Achieving Service Level Agreement by Virtualization

One of the challenges faced by larger enterprises is their ability to meet the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Service Providers and Service Consumers. See how Virtualization can assist the enterprise meet this supply-and-demand predicament.

Service Virtualization: The Road to Simplification

You have heard the virtualization buzz word. Here is your chance to understand what is involved and how it works.

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