September 23, 2018
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JCP Watch: Getting closer to Tiger

This past month, the Tiger (Java 5.0 platform) JSR and several dependent JSRs made it past the final approval ballot. Several early access specifications were made public under the new JCP 2.6 guidelines. Further, the Java Wireless Messaging API was published in its final form.

JCP Watch: JDBC in the Palm of Your Hand

Catch up on the latest developments at the JCP.

JCP Watch: Updates to the JCP

Our insiders view to what is going on at the JCP.

JCP Watch: Java Help 2.0 and the Generic Connection Framework Specifications Released

This week Java Help 2.0 and the Generic Connection Framework for J2ME were ratified and released in final form. The executive committees also passed the final ballots for JSRs dealing with J2EE client provisioning, the Portlet specification, and JMX remoting. Learn more here.

JCP Watch: J2ME Location API, Java OLAP and XML Streaming

Catch up on events at the JCP.

JCP Watch: Java Help 2.0, Java Wireless Architecture

Here is a summary of the work currently underway at the JCP.

JCP Watch: New Java Standards for Wireless Architecture, Generic Connection Framework and Information Module Profile for J2ME

Catch up on the latest news from the JCP.

JCP Watch: Scripting language support in Java, XQuery API, Scalable 2D graphics for J2ME

Catch up on what is going on with The Java Community Process.

JCP Watch: No Java 1.4 in J2ME

Get up to date with proposals from the JCP.

In Anticipation of Tiger

Tiger is the codename for the next major release of the Java Platform. Learn more about the details of what is expected in this release.

JCP Watch: Changes to the JCP, J2ME Core Specification Updates

Apu Shah's update on what is going on at the JCP.

JCP Watch: WSCI on J2ME, Mobile Messaging from J2SE/EE and ebXML Support

Apu Shah's update on what is going on at the JCP.

JCP Watch: J2SE 1.4.2, WSDL and Java Management Extensions

Apu's bi-weekly update on events at the JCP.

JCP Watch: Mobile Graphics and Multimedia, WSDL API's and Service Quality Management Support

Updates on the happenings with the Java Community Process.

JCP Watch: Business Processes, More XML Support and Enhanced Java Platform Support on Small Devices

Updates on the happenings with the Java Community Process.

JCP Watch: Time for Review

Specifications in the area of database access, wireless technology, resource management and others are described.

JCP Watch: Enhanced Wireless Messaging, XML Data Binding and SIP Support

There was one new proposed JSR's along with other JSR's that have matured. Significantly, the Java XML Binding API and the SIP Servlet API have been approved in their final ballots and additional support for wireless messaging has been proposed.

JCP Watch: Extended Unicode Support, New 'New I/O's' and Class File Changes

This week's update on the JCP.

JCP Watch: The Future of Java is in Your Hands

Apu Shah starts his biweekly column discussing the Java Community Process.

A Peek at EJB 2, Part 3

We conclude this series with a look at the new Enterprise JavaBeans spec's provisions for a query language for entity beans, support for additional methods in the home interface, and network interoperability among servers.

A Peek at EJB 2, Part 2

We continue our look at the upgraded Enterprise JavaBeans spec with details on its support of entity bean persistence and management of relationships among entity beans.

A Peek at EJB 2.0, Part 1

A major upgrade to the Enterprise JavaBeans spec is at hand, so it's time to take a look at what's in store for Java developers.

JAIN's Addiction: The Java Advanced Intelligent Network

The JAIN effort promises to bring service portability, secure network access, and network integration to the world of telecom and Internet networks.

Jini in reality

We've heard the hype -- and are struggling to absorb every last buzzword in the media. Jini is definitely out of the bottle. But let's get technical and cut out all the vision and P.R. This article will give you an objective overview of this subjective technology.

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