February 27, 2021
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Forum Password Reset Process

  • By Bradley Jones
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The following are the standardized steps to resetting your password:

If you received a message saying your password has been reset, then use the following instructions to retrieve the temporary password and then create a new one. To reset your password, go to link for your forum:


The link will take you to the correct forum and display a form that looks similar to the following:

password reset

You will need to enter your email address into this form and answer any random questions that might be presented. This needs to be the email address you have in your account on the forum. If you no longer have access to that email address, then you might need to create a new account with an email address you can access.

Once you've entered the information, clicked the Request Username/Password Now button.


After clicking the button in the previous step, you will get an email with a link to do a reset of your password. Clicking the link is necessary in order to have the system regenerate the temporary password.

When you click this link, you will get a message from the site saying that a temporary password is being sent.

password reset


You should now receive a new email with your user ID and password. The email will also include a link so that you can go to your profile page to update your password to something you like. You should see a form similar to the following that can be used to log in with your new credentials. If the password shows a value (blocked), you should replace it with the temporary password sent to you in the email:

password 3

Click the Login button, which should Log you in.

Step 4:

Once you are logged in, you will be placed on the Edit password page:

password 4

You will again need to enter the new password that was sent to you into the first box ("present password"). Then enter your new password into the following boxes. You should use a STRONG password, and you should not use your previous password.

Your email address should already be displayed in the same way my address is shown in the above image. Once you've entered the data, click Save Changes.

Your new password should now be set, and you should be able to go back to using the forum!

NOTE: Create a Good Password
You should always make sure you are using a STRONG password. Simple words and numbers do not make good passwords. You are best to use at least one number, one letter, and one symbol in your password. You are also better to have longer, not shorter passwords. In general, you should have at least 8 characters. Additionally, you should regularly change your password. Finally, for the best security, you should use unique passwords for each system you access. There are password management programs that can help with creating and managing unique passwords.

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This article was originally published on August 1, 2016

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