October 28, 2016
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Explore the Java API for JSON Processing
Java has never lacked support for JSON processing. In this article, the specific interest …

What Is Hazelcast?
Read through a brief introduction into the Hazelcast world.

Using MongoDB in a Java EE7 Framework
Create a Web application that uses MongoDB as the storage.

Using JSTL to Enhance JSP Functionality
Explore some of the key aspects of JSTL that highlight the convenience of using it over …

Working with the Android Picker Control to Select Date and Time
In this article, readers will learn about working with common input controls available for …

Understanding User Interface Layout and UI Components for Android Apps
This article walks developers through the fundamentals of how the User Interface layout …

Executing Long Running Background Tasks in Android Apps Without an Interface (Using Services)
This article gives an insight about services and how to use them in Android applications.

How to Load Data Asynchronously in Android Apps Using Loaders
Learn how to use Loaders in Android to load data asynchronously.

Working with Fragments in Android Applications
This article walks Android developers through the basics of how to use fragments by …

Working with Java Resources in Android Apps
Learn the basics of how to work with resources in Android applications, including Android …

Getting Your Android App Listed in the App Chooser for Various Activities
How to get your Android app listed in the App Chooser for various activities.

Working with Intents in Android Apps
This article walks Android developers through the basics of working with Intents.

How to Create a Multilingual JasperReport
Explore how to fetch Unicode characters persisted in a database and subsequently create a …

RAD Application Development with Grails
Explore some of the features that make the Grails platform suitable for a rapid Web …

Drawing Objects on Android App Maps
In this article, we will learn how to draw objects such as lines and circles on Google …

Ten Tips to Working with Hibernate
Here are ten great tips to make working with Hibernate more productive.

How to Implement Database Relationship in Hibernate
The crux of the relational database management system is in the idea of establishing …

E-commerce Platform Customization: Tweaking the Magento Admin Interface
Learn how to update the Magento e-commerce platform the right way by taking advantage of …

Converting Data to XML with LINQ to XML
Sometimes when you have all kinds of data what you really need is XML. LINQ to XML let's …

Android XML Parser Performance
Shane Conder will show us how different XML parsers affect performance with Android and …

Web Services-Not Always the Best Solution
Did XML, SOAP, and web services really save the world?

Going Beyond XML Manipulation with Apache AXIOM
Explore how to process Axiom and how to serialize Axiom into an output stream. Also learn …

XML Manipulation with Apache AXIOM
Apache AXIOM (AXis2 Object Model) is a pull-based, XML Infoset-compliant object model that …

Take the Pain out of Creating Word Documents by Using C# and XML
Learn how to create Word documents in your application without using Office Interop or …

Gain an understanding of LINQ (Language Integrated Query) to XML and see why you'll never …

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