August 30, 2014
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Nominations for Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

Technology of the Year 2006
Technology is the fun stuff, especially when it is relatively new. See what our readers think is the hot technology going into 2006.

Object Exchange (OBEX) Protocol Primer
You can use the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol to send data back and forth between various mobile devices even with different OSes. Learn how you can embed such features into your own applications.

Getting a User's Attention in Your Palm OS Applications
Any system faces situations when it needs to inform the user that something significant has happened or a specific time is reached. Different communication drivers and alarms provide a good example of such cases. Learn what can you do in your Palm OS applications to get a user's attention in similar tasks.

How Palm OS Expands Your Applications: Expansion Manager
Discover how the Palm OS Expansion Manager, along with Virtual File System Manager, empowers your application with relatively full control on data stored on various cards and peripheral devices.

How Palm OS Expands Your Applications: Files and Folders
Learn how to manage a large amount of data stored on the expansion cards of your Palm OS device. Applications developed to work with the Virtual File System Manager will grant additional power in terms of their capabilities. Why should you miss it?

How Palm OS Expands Your Applications: Volumes
With new Palm OS devices, you can use a lot of different expansion cards to store data and applications and interface to various peripheral hardware. Learn how to take advantage of this amazing option to 'expand' your own programs.

Understanding Floating Point Math Under Palm OS
Floating point operations are the one of the biggest pains under Palm OS. Even though it's getting better with new OS versions, it is still a good point to be confused. Learn what Palm OS offers you in floating point math support.

Windows Programming for Palm OS
Yes, the article's title is correct! Palm OS does windows and allows you to manage them. Learn how to use these capabilities to develop game applications or to give your application a new look and feel.

Working with Resources in Palm OS Applications
Most applications have resources. The Palm OS Data Manager provides the programmer with powerful and suitable APIs to manipulate resources. This article overviews utilizing resources for your applications.

Nominations for Product of the Year Have Begun!
Here is your chance to help us determine which products should be called Product of the Year 2005 in their respective category.

Mastering Internet Programming on Mobile Devices: An Asynchronous Data Exchange
Create applications that may connect to the Internet or an intranet. Learn how to determine an asynchronous way of data transfer over the Internet.

Mastering Internet Programming on Mobile Devices: First Steps
Learn how to create applications that may connect to the Internet or an intranet. Take a look at typical scenarios that often occur in programming practice.

Palm OS Communications Primer: IR Library
Learn the ways your PDA may talk to the rest of the world using the IR library.

Palm OS Communications Primer: Net Library
Learn the ways your PDA may talk to the rest of the world. This second article in a new cycle hightlitghtes some aspects of how to work with network library.

Palm OS Communications Primer: Serial Manager
Learn how your PDA can talk to the rest of the world! This first article in this series shows you some handy tips for serial communications usage.

Working with Gadgets
Learn how to create custom controls under Palm OS Product of the Year 2003 Results
The votes have been counted. See what you chose as the Product of the Year 2003.

Creating Custom Table Items Under Palm OS
Tables (or grids) are very useful controls when you need to display and edit multiple data columns. Discover some aspects of custom table development under the Palm OS.

"Beaming" Using The Palm OS Exchange Manager
The Palm OS's user interface doesn't allow beaming of an arbitrary database; however, it'd be nice for your program to offer such functionality.

Borland Extends C++ to Palm Devices
Mixing PalmSource SDKs with Borland C++BuilderX, the two companies say they can help fight the rising tide of Microsoft PowerPC devices.

Programming Palm OS Notifications
Yet another method of communications between Palm OS applications.

Application Launching
Learning how to programmatically communicate to other applications under the Palm OS.

Using Palm Device Hardware Buttons in Your Application
To use or not to use: there is no question

Basic Database Management Under Palm OS: Sorting and Searching Records
What do you mean... native Palm OS databases don't support SQL at all?!? Discover how to work around that small problem in order to sort and search your records on your Palm.

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