August 23, 2014
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Working with Textual Data: Be Prepared for Unexpected Problems
Mobile development has steadily become more than just a 'nice-to-have' feature, thanks to the permanently growing power of PDAs. Many desktop applications were ported to run in a mobile environment. Learn about a few underwater stones you might face when handling textual data.

Winners of the's Product of the Year 2007 Are Announced
After months of nominations and voting see what technologies and products the readers of selected as the best in their categories.

Mastering Symbian OS Descriptors
We all need to communicate with the outer world in various ways. Applications are no different, meaning that it's a must to manipulate textual data for most applications. With Symbian OS, it means dealing with descriptors. To accomplish such a "simple" task, you have to endure a small group of classes. Work through a few simple "HOW-TO" examples of typical operations.

Simple Rules that Boost Your Mobile Application's Performance
Application performance is usually a grey and painful area. Users obviously want your application to be rich in functionality and fly like a rocket with minimum resources required and so forth. How can you get closer to such an ideal creature? Learn a few simple rules and methods that will improve your mobile application's performance.

Get Familiar: Microsoft Bluetooth Stack on Windows Mobile
Switch to yet another implementation of Bluetooth stack, this time from Microsoft as a part of the Windows Mobile OS SDK.

Experiencing This Mysterious Bluetooth Stack Programming
Until now if you were involved in any Bluetooth-related development at the application level, portability was one of your biggest headaches. Times have changed. Now Widcomm SDK, one of the most popular among device vendors, is available free of charge and easier to use!

Carbide Your Mobile Application
If you have ever developed software for mobile phones, you truly understand the importance of a powerful IDE. If you are targeting Symbian OS, there is good news. Carbide IDE is available, and its Express Edition is free. Discover what you can do with this wonderful tool!

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