October 24, 2016
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Utility Libraries for BREW - A String Class

  • February 27, 2003
  • By Radu Braniste
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BrewString library is extremely competitive in size. What about efficiency?We conducted some tests with 2 compilers and 2 STL implementations (I1 — uses small string optimization, I2 — basic STL model), to see how the differences between the ports affect the results. I1 had the optimization inhibited to make comparisons viable.

  • operator+ - see above
  • Assignment operator: is largely the same in all the cases
  • Copy constructor: BrewString is 20% faster than I1; BrewString is 3 times faster than I2
  • Substring: BrewString equals. I1; BrewString is 1.5 times faster than I2;
  • partialString : BrewString is 70 times faster than I1; BrewString is 5 times faster than I1 (small string optimization activated)
  • find_first_of : BrewString is 1.5 times faster than I1; BrewString is 2 times faster than I2

BrewString proves to have above average results for the minimum possible size, offering a good alternative to STL.

Epilogue -Deferred Improvements

BrewString was declared as

template <typename T = char  >class BrewString ;

The <typename T = AECHAR> policy is missing. Addditional optimizations are also possible. If there is interest in further developing and using this library (including using AEChar) please contact the author.


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Downloads: Source Code - 189 kb.

About the Author

Radu Braniste is Director of Technology at Epicad. He can be contacted at rbraniste@epicad.com

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