August 27, 2014
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BREW Section Index

Small Memory Allocation-Part 2
Focus on memory deallocation and memory exhaustion, testing useful techniques such as smart pointers [2, 3, 5]. Also see where POD and non-POD smart pointers get involved.

Small Memory Allocation
Both heap and stack memory are scarce resources in BREW, thus memory allocation is of paramount importance. Review the main techniques and some of the 'usual suspects' and possible solutions to memory fragmentation, access speed, and exhaustion issues. Product of the Year 2003 Results
The votes have been counted. See what you chose as the Product of the Year 2003.

Brew & J2ME: Let's Be Friends! Part 2
Develop BREW applications using an API that provides automatic memory management and that is similar to the J2ME development model.

BREW & J2ME: Let's Be Friends!
Discover how to narrow the gap between BREW and J2ME as well as learn insight into the design process for using these technologies.

For Brew Developers, There Are New Kids in Town: IThread & IRscPool, Part 2
Learn the virtues of cooperative multithreading — you will learn to find, wait, and notify.

For Brew Developers, There Are New Kids in Town: IThread & IRscPool
Learn the value and limitations of BREW's new cooperatively scheduled multithreading support as well BREW's new interface capable of controlling the lifetime of associated resources.

A GCF for BREW: Working with File I/O & Network Resources
Learn how to handle file I/O and network resources on BREW from a Generic Connection Framework (GCF) perspective.

A Generic Connection Framework for BREW
Examine the intricacies of the asynchronous programming model and develop tools to help establish a common ground for I/O and network operations on BREW. See how to encapsulate this commonality into a framework.

String in BREW Revisited-a BrewString Generalization
Discover a String implementation for BREW that freely uses both char and AECHAR data types. This is actually a generalization of BrewString that allows strings, wide strings, char and AECHAR arrays to be mixed together.

Utility Libraries for BREW-Compilation Pitfalls
Learn how to avoid possible problems you can encounter when compiling the BREW utility library using ARM ADS1.x. An ADS1.0.1 conformant library is included for downloading.

Utility Libraries for BREW - A Hash Table Class
Delve into the implementation of a hash table together with an XML parser using BREW.

Utility Libraries for BREW - A Vector Class
Analyze the intricacies of a vector class in BREW while focusing on efficiency, safety, and other special features. Also examine how to avoid the code bloat usually associated with general purpose containers.

Utility Libraries for BREW - A String Class
Examine the string library in the BREW SDK. This article is the first in a series that will present possible implementations of utility libraries in BREW.

BREWing with C++
Discover the fundamental structure of a wireless, mobile BREW application written in C++. Highlighted is the subset of C++ features that can be used.

Cooperative Multitasking in BREW: A Possible Solution
BREW is an event-based execution environment with no support for multithreading. This article introduces an implementation of cooperative multitasking in the BREW environment to get around this complicated, non-trivial problem.

Getting Started with the BREW SDK, Part II
Walk through the code necessary to build a BREW application.

Getting Started with the BREW(tm) SDK
BREW offers a number of editors and wizards to make life easier for developers. Jump into BREW development with three important BREW SDK tools, the BREW Application Wizard, the BREW MIF Editor, and the BREW Resource Editor.

What is BREW?
BREW development is one of the key areas currently catching the attention of developers targeting wireless platforms. In this first of a series of articles, learn what is involved for BREW development.

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