July 1, 2015
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OpenGL ES for Android Graphics Programming

Build your first OpenGL ES project in Android.

Face Detection with Android APIs

Learn how to use Android face detection APIs to identify faces in bitmap images.

Write Your First Android App with Eclipse

Start developing for Android with your Eclipse IDE! Learn how to create buttons and a basic widget for Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Create Your Own Android Live Wallpaper

With a little RenderScript and some helper files from the Android Open Source Project, you can create a dazzling Android live wallpaper.

10 Android UI Design Tips to Improve Your App's Visual Appeal

Here are 10 Android UI design tips -- plus a bonus one -- for improving the user experience of your Android apps.

The 10 Rookie Mistakes Every Android Developer Should Avoid

If you've resolved to make 2012 the year you jump into Android development, here are some Android n00b pitfalls to avoid.

Add Horizontal Paging To Your Android Applications

Learn how to incorporate horizontal paging or swiping into your Android applications quickly and easily.

10 Android App Performance Tips for Developers

It's up to all Android developers to create high performing applications. Here are 10 ways developers can improve the performance of their Android apps.

Android Intents: Developer Best Practices for App Integration

Android intents are the foundation for the powerful application integration system that helps set Android apart from competing platforms.

A Crash Course in Android Web Applications

Web developers can tailor the user experiences for Android, who generally consume web content on small screens, slower cellular networks, and resource constrained devices.

Android Application Testing: An Overview

Explore the quality assurance options in the Android SDK's testing tools and APIs.

The Android Honeycomb User Features Developers Need to Know

Android Honeycomb offers several new features that users can't wait to use. Developers often are the ones who need to enable or implement these features.

The Pros and Cons of Writing to Different Android SDKs

Choosing which Android SDKs your application will support is a decision with far-reaching ramifications.

Android Development 101: 'Hello World' in Four Minutes Flat

In this four-minute episode of the Android Development 101 video series, Chris Bennett demonstrates how to create your first Android 'Hello World' application.

Android Is Closer to Windows Phone 7 Than Developers May Think

The differences between Android and Windows Phone 7 are mostly skin deep, so enterprising Android developers can port their current apps over to Windows Phone 7.

Build Your First PHP for Android Application

Getting started with PHP for Android and the Scripting Layer for Android is easy with this step-by-step guide, complete with a demo application.

The Android Mobile Development Platform: A Reference Guide

Here's everything you need to know to begin developing applications on the Android platform.

Working with NinePatch Stretchable Graphics in Android

NinePatch graphics are an indispensable tool for Android developers looking to support the variety of device screen sizes and orientations.

An Android Developer's Top 10 Gripes

A veteran mobile application developer vents his frustration with a list of 10 things he loves to hate about Android.

Working with the Android Calendar

Handling Lengthy Operations with Android App Widgets

Create an Android App Widget for the home screen which relies upon background processing by an Android Service.

Handling User Interaction with Android App Widgets

Creating a Home Screen App Widget on Android

Android: A Brief Introduction
Discover Android, an open source mobile platform being developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance.

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