September 18, 2014
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Using the Ionic Framework

Creating apps across the fragmented mobile landscape of Android and iOS has been a challenge. Ionic helps developers create beautiful, high performing apps that work across platforms with the help of Cordova. This article will give you a taste of what you can do with the Ionic framework.

Xamarin Tips from the Trenches: Compiling and Emulation for iOS and Android

If you're in the beginning stages of a Xamarin project or you're already into your project but are unhappy with the way your compile and emulation approach is set up, this article will provide some options and best practices that will accelerate your edit/compile/debug cycle.

The New Xamarin 3: Is it Time to Take the Dive?

If you want to leverage your existing C#/Visual Studio skills to create fast, native applications for iOS, Android, Microsoft and others, Xamarin is well worth your consideration.

Beginner’s Guide to Using AppStudio for Building Windows 8 Applications

Vipul Patel shows you how easy it is (even for non-developers) to create Windows 8.1 applications using AppStudio.

Getting Started with Azure HDInsight

Vipul Patel takes a look at Azure HDInsight, a service used to manage Hadoop clusters on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

Using Windows Azure Blob Storage to Store Windows Phone App Data

Manoj Kumar shows you how to use Windows® Azure™ Blob Storage to store Windows Phone 8 application data in the cloud.

Creating an iOS Solution with Xamarin

In this installment of our series on developing cross platform mobile solutions with Xamarin, you’ll learn how to create an iOS implementation.

Getting Started with Oracle ADF Mobile Applications

Mobile ADF apps are portable for both iOS and Android powered devices. Read on to learn how to create a simple Android application using Oracle ADF within JDeveloper IDE.

Introduction to Cross-Platform iOS/Android Apps with C# and Xamarin

Part one of a two-part article that walks you through the complete process of using Xamarin to create a simple cross-platform app with .NET and C# that runs on both Android and iOS.

10 Key Design Tips for Great Mobile Apps

Writing a mobile app for Android or iOS is easy but designing a great mobile app can be a challenge. Learn how to write better mobile apps with these 10 quick tips!

Using Windows Azure to Store Windows Phone 8 App Data

Discover the various options available in Windows Azure Storage that can be used to store Windows Phone application data.

Introduction to Bootstrap: A Tool for Building Responsive, Mobile-First Projects

Bootstrap is a handy, popular and open source framework for developing responsive websites targeting multiple devices without writing CSS yourself. Read on to learn how you can start using it in your web applications.

Getting Started with Developing Kindle Fire Applications

Vipul Patel walks you through how to get started building applications targeting Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

Get Started Building with Adobe PhoneGap

Take your web app skills mobile with Adobe PhoneGap's cloud build service!

7 Things You Should Know About the Geolocation API

Discover seven key things you should know about the Geolocation API in order to use it in your web applications.

Six Tips for More Responsive Cordova Apps

Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!

Getting Started Building with Intel XDK New

The Intel XDK New is quickly becoming a very popular option to create HTML5 installed apps on mobile using Apache Cordova. David Talbot shows you how easy it is to get started.

6 Tips for Better Mobile Web Forms

Today's web is on the move. Build a better mobile experience for your forms with these 6 quick tips!

Developer Best Practices for Windows Phone Apps

In this article, Vipul Patel walks you through a few best practices for developing Windows Phone applications.

25 Tools You Can Use for Windows 8 Store App Development

Hannes du Preez shares his list of top 25 tools that you can use to make your Windows Store App development a lot easier.

IBM Worklight: Big Blue's Arsenal for Mobile App Developers

IBM's Worklight is a set of tools for mobile application developers that also provides management, maintenance and security capabilities.

Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider for Your Mobile Apps

Based on your app’s function and your business model, different criteria may be important to you when choosing a cloud provider. Rob Wilson explores three universal criteria in more detail.

Adding Globalization and Localization Support to Your Windows Phone Application

Learn how to build globalization and localization support into your Windows Phone applications.

Building and Deploying Apps to an Enterprise Enrolled Phone

Vipul Patel explores the fundamentals of how to distribute company applications for Windows Phones.

Enabling In-App Purchases in Your Windows Phone 8 Application

Vipul Patel shows you how to build in-app purchasing capability in your Windows Phone applications, allowing you to sell virtual products.

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