July 5, 2015
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Adding an Auto-Upload Feature to Your Windows Phone 8 Application

Windows 8 lets you build the auto-upload feature into your mobile application. This article walks a Windows Phone 8 application developer through the steps to build the auto-upload feature into their Windows Phone 8 application.

How to Build a Navigation App for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 offers new APIs for maps and navigation. This article walks the user through the steps involved in building a navigation application for the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Understanding and Using the Wallet in Your Windows Phone 8 Application

Wallet, Windows Phone 8's new functionality lets you manage payment instruments, store coupons, credit and loyalty cards in a central place, and lets you link these items to Windows Phone 8 applications. Vipul Patel shows you how.

Adding Speech Support to Your Windows Phone 8 Application

Windows Phone 8 platform lets users interact with Windows Phone 8 applications through speech. This article walks the reader through the steps of integrating speech support in their Windows Phone 8 applications.

Using the Location API in Your Windows Phone 8 Applications

Windows Phone 8 allows application developers to build applications that can use the device’s physical location. This article walks through the steps of building a mock application, which utilizes the location API.

Using the New Map Control in Windows Phone 8 Applications

Vipul Patel walks application developers through the process of building Windows Phone 8 applications with the new map control.

How to Build Lock Screen Notifications w/ Windows Phone 8

The recently announced Windows Phone 8 platform supports the ability to customize the lock screen. This article walks a Windows Phone Application developer through the steps to provide lock screen notifications for their application as well as set the lock screen background.

A Guide to Better User Interaction Using Windows Phone 8 Tiles

Live tiles make interaction more personal by providing notifications on the Start screen itself. Join Vipul Patel in a walk-through of the basics of Windows Phone 8 Tiles.

15 New Features of Windows Phone 8 of Interest to Developers

Windows Phone 8 has a lot of great features. Get insights into the new features in the Windows 8 platform that you, as a developer, can target in your applications.

Getting Started with Windows Phone 8 Development

(Updated) Vipul Patel walks mobile application developers through getting started with Windows Phone 8 development.

How to Create a Windows Store Leaderboard Application Powered by Windows Azure Mobile Services

Vipul Patel walks you through building a working Windows 8 application that is powered by the recently announced Windows Azure Mobile Services. This application demonstrates the ease of building a working application for mobile devices in a very short time, using the tools offered by Microsoft.

Context - The Secret Ingredient of Killer Mobile Apps

Learn how to create killer mobile apps by leaving traditional integration strategies behind, and relying on Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers to deliver the apps users love.

.NET Development (Mono) for Android

The recent release of Mono for Android 4.2 brings with it new support for building a user interface (UI) in the form of the Xamarin Designer. Paul Ferrill reviews both MonoDevelop and Visual Studio 2010 on 32- and 64-bit Windows 7.

List Apps in iOS - Learn How to Use UITableView

Laurence Moroney shares a step-by-step of how to quickly create a simple list view in iOS using the UITableView control.

Building Your First HTML5 / JavaScript Win 8 Metro App

Do you wish you could build native Windows apps using your web skill-set? With Windows 8 you can build Metro apps in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Chris Bennett provides an overview of the tools used and creates a simple app.

Considerations for Building Windows 8 Metro Applications

Are you ready to build or port your apps over to the new Windows 8 Metro UI? Chris Bennet walks you through a high-level overview of the Metro UI design, features, development and deployment of apps.

Learn How to Navigate Between Views in iOS Apps

Laurence Moroney shows you how to navigate between multiple iOS app views using the built-in navigation controller, and how it manages the transitions between the views on your behalf.

iOS Objective-C basics: Build Your First App

Laurence Moroney shows you how to launch your first application and how to build a slightly more complex 'Hello World' application that processes user input.

iOS Development in Xcode - Start Here

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write that latest, greatest iOS application for iPhone, iPod or iPad, but didn’t know the best way to get started. Laurence Moroney shows you how to get started with iOS development.

Exploring the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android

Microsoft is working hard to improve adoption of its cloud computing platform. To tap into non-Windows markets, it has released toolkits for both iOS and Android. In this article, we explore the offerings of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android.

Android Intents: Developer Best Practices for App Integration

Android intents are the foundation for the powerful application integration system that helps set Android apart from competing platforms.

Get Your Apps Ready for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Find out what you can do today to prepare your existing and planned Android apps for the highly-anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich release.

Enable a Fingerprint Scanner for Android on the Motorola ATRIX 4G

Motorola recently released a special API that Android developers can use to integrate the ATRIX fingerprint reader into their Android apps. Learn how to use it!

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