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Quality as a Deliverable in Eclipse-Based Java Development

  • April 27, 2010
  • By Developer.com Staff
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Software errors, according to the National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST), cost the US economy $60 billion per year. Software errors can cause costly project delays. Coding errors that aren't caught before the software is delivered can cost the customer a great deal of time and money, and damage the developer's reputation.

A recent whitepaper from Instantiations, Inc. makes the case for treating quality as a deliverable in Java development projects, and recommends ways of improving code quality.

Some code quality and security processes can be incorporated into the build process, whether on the developer's desktop, on the server, or both; preferably automated as much as possible to save time. When possible, do continuous builds rather than nightly builds to get feedback sooner. To ensure high-quality builds, the white paper recommends doing a clean, full build every day and using build scripts, JUnit tests, automated code coverage analysis, and automated code review. Incorporate code auditing and code metrics into the build process. All this information should be provided in the form of management reports available on the Web.

CodePro AnalytiX is a suite of automated software quality, security and testing tools which can be integrated into an Eclipse-based Java development environment, as part of a continuous or nightly build process, or both.

For best results, have developers run the automated code quality tools on their desktops, as well as on the server, to receive immediate feedback before the code is even checked in.

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