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Mission-Critical Java to Power Next-Gen Enterprise Computing

  • December 31, 2009
  • By Developer.com Staff
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With the help of JRockit software, customers can reliably use Java for real-time, mission-critical applications, according to an Oracle white paper.

JRockit Real Time

The JVM is the cornerstone of the Java platform. Oracle's JRockit Real Time is the world's fastest JVM, as shown by numerous industry benchmarks. JRocket is designed to optimize the performance of mission-critical applications with extreme and predictable computing needs. Besides speed, benefits include a smaller memory footprint, quicker startup, a larger possible heap, adaptive, self-healing memory management, and solid core processing to reduce system downtime. JRockit makes garbage collection a consistent background task, putting an end to those unpredictable JVM pauses caused by normal garbage collection.

JRockit Mission Control

This suite of monitoring and debugging tools performs with minimal overhead, so it can be used on mission-critical production systems, not just development and test environments. The tools have an average overhead of less than 1-2%, and provide three main capabilities:

  • A user-friendly management console
  • Comprehensive runtime analysis
  • Dynamic memory leak detection

The latency analyzer tool identifies latency sources, such as I/O blocking relating to database accesses, so developers can resolve latency issues not already addressed by the JRockit Real Time JVM.

The JRockit suite is an essential part of Oracle's application grid solution.

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